Vol11 chapter 1

—Airborne Citadel. War Strategizing Assembly.

“I see that all of the pieces (of puzzle) have assembled. Well then, let’s start the final investigation.”

Declaring the start to their meeting, Baron Croix tapped the ground with his Maple leaf staff.

For seated around this round table were some of the famous and strong individuals from the vast world of Little Garden.

From the East’s [Floor Master], “Great Sage of Maelstroms (The one who devastates seas)”, Kouryuu.

From the South’s [Floor Master], Sala Doltrake.

From the North’s [Floor Master], the Commander Lappy III.

And there were those who rushed over to help like “Great Sage of Chaos (The one who leaves Heaven in disarray)” — Roc Demon King and the Queen’s knight—Faceless.

Currently, Jack, who had been part of the main force, was now in the emergency ward after the retreat from the frontlines. It really was a pity for Jack and Willa who were powerful players to be unable to attend this meeting, but that was something that could not be helped in any case.

Sakamaki Izayoi took another sip at the tonic prepared for him before raising his question.

“Although you call this an investigation, Azi Dahaka isn’t a Demon Lord who uses a [Host Master] authority. I feel that we will not be able to see a chance for victory even if we were to investigate into Azi Dahaka’s mythological roots.”

“Well, who knows?”

Waving his bowler hat, Croix shot his gaze towards Kouryuu.

Kouryuu, who received the gaze, then folded his arms across his chest with a troubled look.

“Hey, lad, actually we did have a bout with him after that but the result was us getting a trashing. He’s protected by a Gift or spell that is unknown to us and we are out of tricks to play against him. After all, even Karyou-chan’s fire that possess the power to even harm gods and dragons alike seem to be ineffective.”

“Second brother, please do not call me Karyou-chan.”

Roc Demon King pouted as she made her protest.

Izayoi seemed to be deep in thought as he nodded his head and asked Faceless who sat beside him.

“…… I see. Then, what are your thoughts on this, Faceless-sama?”

“I would also agree with Croix and Kouryuu-dono. Since even her— Karyou-chan’s flames were ineffective,”

“Wait a moment, Queen’s knight. Who gave you the right to call my name,”

“Oh so it’s like that. Then, what’s your opinion on this, Karyou-chan?”

“As I’ve said, don’t call me “Karyou-chan” Aah!!! Do you want me to blast you fools away into the skies?!!”

Roc Demon King was so furious that her veins were bulging at her temples.

*Klak Klack* came the sound of the staff that was being tapped on the ground to call back the attention of everyone as Croix gave a bitter smile before diving back into the discussions.

“I agree with what you said as well. I also feel that Karyou-chan….. KehoKeho, it’s my bad. I’m just joking, so please don’t burn me for real.”

Karyou-chan, whose right arm was wreathed in the Flames of the Golden Wing, successfully pulled back everyone to the main topic.

“……Hm. It is said that you battled that three-headed dragon 200 years ago right? Then you should know of some of its vulnerabilities and such, right, Shinigami?”

All eyes turned to look at Croix then.

200 years ago— The people who sealed Azi Dahaka, who had wiped out the [Aristocrats of Little Garden] was no other than the previous [No Name]. And being the one of the founders of that Community, it is impossible for Croix to be in the dark about the matters concerning the three headed dragon.

Pressing his bowler hat, Croix gave a shrug of his shoulders, “Hmph. It’s just as everyone thinks it is. I’ve already investigated the matter on the ineffectiveness of Roc Demon King’s Gift on him.”


“But, these are two different matters. Since we are to battle against Azi Dahaka, then we would have to discuss a question on a much more fundamental level—“What is Azi Dahaka, the Last Trial of Humanity (Last Embryo)?”. He’s not an enemy that we can beat with just an analysis on his displayed strength. A battle likened to a fluid matter that changes with the time. It is never too much to be well prepared for a battle.”

“Right. No matter what the case might be, we will need the time to regather our troops and to use our time efficiently.”

Hearing Kouryuu’s words, everyone nodded their heads, regardless of the different expressions they had on their faces.

After understanding their situation, Izayoi then propped his chin with a hand and directed a question to Croix.

“Then, let me take this chance to ask something. Oi, Shinigami.”


“That fellow whom we have fought against before who’s called [End Emptiness], is he one of the Final Trials of Humanity as well?”

Simply asking with a simple intention of confirming something, Izayoi had uttered that question nonchalantly. However, those who had heard those words from Izayoi’s mouth were staring at him with their eyes widened in surprise.

Kouryuu then, had also widened those narrow slit eyes of his to the widest as he asked.

“Izayoi-kun…… you, have fought against it?!”

“Well, it’s not so much as a battle. It was more on the level of exchanging a greeting.”

“Then, that’s also something impressive in itself. [End Emptiness] is one of the few beings that is clearly known to hold a place in the single digits. To be able to live to tell the tale is very much an accomplishment in itself.”

Even Faceless, who was usually calm and reserved, was nodding her head furiously.

However, Izayoi was taken aback by her words.

“A single digit…..huh? It can be understood as one of the top existences in the world of Little Garden right, masked knight-sama?”

“Of course. Although it is out of simplicity that we categorised it within the ranks of the Demon Lords, [End Emptiness] is actually part of the rules that govern the world—and it can actually be seen as an existence that is “partially omnipotent”.”

That, was something which Izayoi had heard from Garol a while back.

It was said that the entity had entered the present time flow from the furthest ends of the concept of time, but that description had been too abstract and it only left a hazy memory within Izayoi. Actually, if it is said to origin from the very end of the concept of time, it would already be a trial that far exceeds the human capability to overcome on their own.

It is not known if Croix understood what was going through Izayoi’s mind at the moment as he gave a bitter laugh while replying.

“It is just as the Queen’s Knight describes it to be. [End Emptiness] is quite unique. The reason for it to be positioned amongst the [Last Embryo]s would be possession of a time limit similar to the other Last Trials. And it’s disappearance for the last two hundred years could be taken as a result of Azi Dahaka’s sealing that froze time for it as well.”

“Then, if the time limit is up before we are able to clear the game……?”

“Needless to say, the entire world of Little Garden would be blown away by [End Emptiness].

Hearing those words, Sala and the other [Floor Master]s’ faces had tightened up in seriousness.

“……Croix-sama. Are we to assume that the Heavenly Armies are not coming anymore?”

“I guess they are not coming anymore. After all, they do have a time limit for their mobilization….. and this would mean that they are already moving to carry out the measures in case of the worst case scenario and do not have the time to send any reinforcements to us.”

Upon the mention of the Heavenly armies, Roc Demon King and Kouryuu turned their sharp gazes towards Croix.

“That’s hard to say actually. The one in control of the Heaven Armies are the twelve Adityas…… which also mean it’s under Indra right? I don’t believe that the useless god known by the Heavenly realm to be “only doing unnecessary things” would be able to give this much thought at all.”

“ShiroYoruOu said that Indra’s like the “Big Brother who sets a bad example in the Heavenly Realm”. He’s also often described as a god who acts promptly even though matters at hand are not yet fully understood by himself…….”

“Mhm. About that, I wouldn’t deny as well. ……But bad rumours are bound to attract attention at all times. As a comrade in arms against [The Locked Away World (Dystopia)], I believe that he’s an irreplaceable friend and a brave warrior.”

It was undeniable that his expression softened in his recollection of memories, but those eyes did not carry any merriment.

It was plainly a warning to drop all slander against a comrade who once fought under the same flag as himself.

And with regards to the two, who were defeated by the twelve Adityas before, the urge to sprout their retorts had rose to their throats, but they too realised that it was not the time to discuss private grudges at the meeting and could only swallow them back for the moment.

Izayoi gave a sigh as he added his comment to the same topic.

“Mah, I heard that he did help to bestow Divinity to KuroUsagi after all. So, it shouldn’t be possible for him to not know about the situation here. Or it might be that that act is the most he can do for us at the moment. Anyways, we can only depend on our own forces here to defeat that three headed lizard.”

“Yes, that seems to be the case. Although we did veer off topic for a little— can we restart the final investigations?”

Croix asked the question again and no one seemed to have any differing opinion from resuming the discussion.

Although it was thus declared to be restarted, it was still not known to any of them on where to start the investigations.

And after a period of silence, Izayoi raised his hand while seemingly to be in a slight daze.

“Concerning this matter, Shinigami. May I ask the full details on the “time limit” that you talked about just now?”

“If I answer that question, wouldn’t it spoil the essence of the game? You are still young, so learn how to use that flexible brain of yours to think a little.”

Croix touched his bowler hat as he laughed. Not forgetting good fun even at these times, it could be said to be the flaw and his good point as a benevolent god. And it would seem that his baiting was with of some sort of hidden agenda.

However the person in question, Izayoi, did not return the smile. The usual him would have added that with two other lines of sarcasm as retorts. Yet, he was in an unusual state of seriousness as he continued to question.

“……Hmph. Taking a close analysis on the three [Last Trials of Humanity], it is possible to see the commonalities to the theories that are attributed to them. That is something that you are trying to alert me to right, Shinigami?”

Izayoi looked accusingly at Croix as he returned a conspiratorial grin then.

Beside him, Kouryuu, had an expression of surprise as he turned to ask Izayoi.

“What’s the matter, Izayoi-kun.”

“Well, it’s nothing. Just that up til today, I’ve met so many Demon Lords and Gods of various mythologies but when this fellow is back in the world of Little Garden that my suspicions finally clicked together. That this world of Little Garden is actually— a world that exists in an interdependent relationship with the timeline of Human history.”

“Wait, that’ not really right actually. To put it more precisely, it should be that the gods are interdependent on the history of the human race. Mah, about ninety percent of the residents in Little Garden are bestowed with Gifts from the Gods, so it can be said in that way too.”

Most of the people present in the room were looking to each other and tilting their heads in query.

Among them, only the Queen’s knight, Faceless, understood the content of their conversation.

“I’ve heard my Queen saying that the Gods are involved in some long lasting paradox game…… and it is what they call the logical error.”

“What does that mean?”

“Please consider the conditions for which a divine spirit is able to exist in.

{Divine spirits happen due to the beliefs of the human race.}

{Humans evolve as they are bestowed the Gifts of the Gods.}

—Then, which of the two would be the start or the end point of the cycle?”

[picture of a loop from Human to God and God to Human with the same words of the conversation being written beside the arrows. Moreover, the arrows are made up of 2 snakes biting each other at the tails. ]

Upon hearing the words from the Queen’s knight, Sala’s expression became hard and the two from the seven sages had also covered their mouths as they came upon some sort of realisation.

“The origin (alpha) of the creator and the end (omega) of the created world…… that is the world of Little Garden?”

“That’s right. From the history of Little Garden, it is also known to be the biggest mysterious paradox. Was it the egg first or was it the chicken first—This is known to us as the [Bootstrap Paradox].”

“That’s not possible. Regarding that matter, didn’t the human realm obtain the conclusion to that already? The most supported theory of cosmology in the 2000s is said to be the world view of gods having created the world isn’t it?”

This conclusion would be affected greatly and vary slightly according to the strong religious sects of their time , but besides the proposed theory of the world being constructed in an instant as seen in the theory of creationism, other theories have yet to be proven true as well. And it was one of the truths that wasted much of the history of the human race in researching but have yet to be reached.

Regarding Roc Demon King’s retort, Croix was slightly troubled as he gave a shrug.

“Karyou-chan. If “obtaining the support of humans” is the “insurance of the creationism theory”— wouldn’t that be equivalent to a “world that has its creation laws decided solely on the whims of the human race”, and that would then imply that the humans themselves are the truth of the cosmology?”


“And this is the truth behind the [Last Trial of Humanity] who was elevated to become the strongest god killer.—Of which speaking to this point, Izayoi-kun, you should have noticed something right?”

Thus, all their gazes were focused on Izayoi. Although some of them did notice that he was uncomfortable with his conclusion but noting that Croix, who hosted the meeting, probably singled him for a reason then determined their decision to listen quietly.

Izayoi folded his arms over his chest as he said the answer with a serious expression.

“……Humans and gods are mutual observers. And that is to say, in the occasion that one side were to be wiped out, this relationship would be torn. It would then mean that the truth behind the [Last Trial of Humanity] would be —“

— [Factor α which will destroy the human race].

This was the last trial given to human kind.

Hearing the demystification of the problem from Izayoi, Croix gave an evil grin and nodded his head.

“That’s right. In the Nordic lands, it is Ragnarok, in India, it is Kali Yuga. Ever since the ancient civilizations from long ago, the end point (Omega) X has always been the alarm that had continuously been rung for the gods to take note of. And that is also the name that the gods have given to it. The end of the world— or, “eschatology”.”

That would be the real face behind those who were called the Last Trials of Humanity. The truth of the “time limit” was then the cause for Izayoi’s expression that took on an unprecedented look of seriousness.

(Then, as I thought, the Last Trial’s time limit is the remaining time left till the Outer world’s humanity is to be destroyed. If this is true……!)

It was a bad premonition and there seemed to be a certainty to the omen.

Although it was clearly easy enough to ask Croix to confirm his thoughts, Izayoi’s own essence was what rendered him unable to speak those words. The possibility of the impending destruction might not be in this world of Little Garden—- but the world that he had forsaken.


—Kouen City. The neighboring forest.

Dawn was approaching and a radiance that did not originate from sunlight had enveloped a hilltop that was not far away from Kouen City.

After the summoning of the angels, Demon Lord Maxwell was cloaked in pale white spheres of light that clung to his body. However, there was no sign of him being the least bit interested in making a move. Although it was difficult to determine his appearance from the exterior, the spiritual pressure exerted from the spherical objects were evidence of his presence. And with the passing of time, the number of summoned angels was increasing. The suspicious looking angeloid armored monsters were already numbering close to a dozen and were surrounding the throne of Maxwell.


Noting the situation above, His Highness closed his eyes quietly for a moment.

A defeated angel’s carcass was lying at the side of his feet. It is a completely empty suit of armor that did not have any presence of life in it when he inspected his defeated foe. And although it is still unconfirmed about the mechanisms behind its ability to move, it is understood that it isn’t a living thing at the very least.

(It seemed to be made of a metal that is as flexible as the sacred treasure metal, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as well. Moreover, there’s basically no presence of a spiritual power to be felt by my senses.)

He had speculated initially that there would be some sort of mechanism within the angeloid automatic doll, but that conjecture had been revoked by his findings. And since it wasn’t powered by a spiritual energy of sorts, could that possibly mean that the angeloid shell model provides a certain type of force in itself?

(Could it be that this angeloid……this shell itself, is the third……?)

Rin who was at the foot of the tree spoke to His Highness who was sorting out the stuff in his mind, “Your Highness. Grai-Oji-chan is coming back soon, let’s retreat to meet up with him before returning to battle.”

Coming back to the present, His Highness stepped off from the tree to land on the ground and noticed the lad in long robes who sat by the campfire, —-Jin Russel.

“Thanks for your hard work. What’s the situation like now, is it still the same?”

His Highness replied while inching closer to the campfire where he sat himself down, “No, it’s worsening by the second. The number of angeloid creatures are continuing to multiply. And although those things are only capable of simple movements, their strength and ability to jump between dimensions is a shocking threat. Allowing them to continue multiplying will be bad news. Rin, is there any strategy to counter that?”

Being the Game controller in the team led by His Highness, Rin is responsible for the analysis and strategizing of plans. Although, the final decision to be carried out will still lie with High Highness.

However, the Rin who would usually start telling of her strategy with an easy going smile, was being hesitant about her words at the present.

“…… No matter what we decide to do, I would suggest that we do it sooner. After all, the angeloid creatures might multiply infinitely and that might make the threat of Maxwell comparable to even Azi Dahaka.”

“Then, let’s …”

“No not now. Wait for Grai-Oji to come back before deciding on our direction of plans. The enemy is really too strong. We should not make a move when we are not in our full numbers.” Rin asserted in a tone that was completely unlike a child. And that is the real her.

Her childish behaviors were an act when she could maintain her calm.

However, there’s probably no time for her to maintain her act with her current anxiety.

Even Jin, who was hugging his knees at the side, was anxious about the current situation.

(That petal insignia emblazoned on the chestplate of the angeloid creature…… seems very familiar earlier, but I’m sure of it now. That’s the same insignia of the Flag of that automatic doll that Izayoi-san and the others had met in [Underwood]…… the Community of Coppelia.)

The [Third Perpetual Motion Machine]- Coppelia.

She had previously been sealed by the Demon Lord [End Emptiness], but having been involved with a certain matter with Izayoi and the others, the seal was temporarily removed. If defeating Maxwell meant that the spiritual power is returned to the original wielder, that would mean the returning of power to Coppelia.

Moreover, Rin and the others did not seem to have noticed the unsealing of Coppelia at the present.

To make use of that advantage, Jin’s thoughts raced to draw up a plan.

(If I can incite them to defeat Maxwell on the spot, that might land a heavy blow on the [Ouroboros].)

According to their conversation earlier, the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine] is an important asset to the [Ouroboros]. If it’s possible to snatch away that spiritual attainment, it would probably deal them a heavy blow.

(But I cannot be careless about the possibility that [End Emptiness], the Demon Lord who sealed Coppelia, might be a member of the [Ouroboros] as well.)

And he could feel the start of cold sweat on his back as he thought out the ominous situation in his mind.

Even in the world of gods that is Little Garden, the legendary Demon Lords are also in existence.

Azi Dahaka, the [Absolute Evil].

Dystopia, the [Locked World].

End Emptiness, the [Winds of Decadence].

They were the existences that exceeded the rules of the strongest kind— and were classified as [The Last Trials of Humanity].

If any of them were to work with [Ouroboros], that would mean a threat to the entire world of Little Garden. Besides, Jin might not have seen any of them with his own eyes before, but the comment from the prideful Sakamaki Izayoi had also been “I would not want to have a direct confrontation with such a being” when he had only encountered the Demon Lord once and not having known its identity then.

And that was enough to make Jin see it as a reason to determine them as a threat.

(However, [Winds of Decadence] had been summoned over to the world of Little Garden as part of the Game logic and it is not a Demon Lord that has its own consciousness. It is said that as long as nothing is standing in its way of its game, it will not directly attack anyone……)

So rather than pondering over the possibility of it being a member, it might be more suitable to think of it as being made used by others. Moreover, if it is a strong foe of such caliber, the probability of it being a core member of the [Ouroboros] would be very high.

(The third perpetual motion machine…… angels…… [Winds of Decadence]. This makes no sense. I can’t find the connection between them.)

Jin struggled to find a connection but it was not possible for him to derive a path to the solution of the puzzle with his limited knowledge. Moreover, he did not know the actual mission to the existence of [End Emptiness].

In addition,the solution to the problem required knowledge of the parallel worlds.

The only person present who could provide that information would be—

“Rin. Those armored angels…… If they were angels, would you know which mythology faction they belong to?”

Propping his chin on his hand nonchalantly, Jin asked to gather more information. And being the one who followed under the successor of [Ouroboros], His Highness, it wouldn’t be all too strange for Rin to know of such information.

Rin folded her arms across her chest as she give it some thought before looking up with a troubled look

“……I guess I do know somewhat. But I did consider many stuff about it and have some sort of speculation.”


“Mhm. But it’s really my own opinion and I hope that I’m wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because that would mean that our enemy is far too strong. If my speculation isn’t wrong…… the organisation of [Ouroboros] will become an organisation that far exceeds my thoughts in terms of its size.” Rin gave a small sigh at that.

Although it was obvious that she gave that sigh on purpose, Jin, with his limited interaction time, also knew that Rin was truly feeling the pressure of having no strategies available to counter their problem.

His Highness and his group were planning to rebel against their organisation.

And this is only Jin’s speculation. Their positions within the organization weren’t that high.

Even if His Highness were to be promised a guarantee on his life, his identity was still one that was “A prop to realise the goal with a method in place to replace him at any time”. Otherwise, things would not link up to the words that Rin said before of “There’s no need to be killed now”.

(And most importantly is the key phrase mentioned by Maxwell—- the end of world theory written in the Hindu mythology: “Kali Yuga”. If the spiritual power of His Highness were to be linked to that…..!)

Then there is a definite way to confirm the identity of His Highness. There was no other possibilities. And his existence would fit with the other key phrases dropped by the people around him from time to time.

And the current disasters that happened would be for a reason.

If Jin’s speculation is right, then the real identity of His Highness would be the legendary hero who had never appeared in the world of Little Garden before now. The who is [Destined to save the future].

Although it isn’t in its complete state currently, it is possible that his complete form would be stronger than that of the demigods of Western Europe and or Shak○. [magrefnotes: I believe that the author censored the name to prevent an offense to a religion. Full name would be that of Buddha’s real name. Would need to confirm the censorship with raws.]

Recorded within the cosmology of the Hindu mythology is the four age cycle of eras.

At the peak of Human civilisation and its advancements, the death and destruction that the prosperous period invites is known as the “End of World Theory (Kali Yuga)”. [magrefnotes: for your extra readings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuga   bad source that is open to every one to edit, but oh well, lazy to find another one :p]

And the last hero who would appear to save those people from the end of the world .

As the reincarnation of the Hindu Sun god and possessing an equal or higher spiritual power than that of Shak, that hero’s name is—–

(No, there’s no need to rush that line of thought for now. It’s not too late to arrive at the conclusion after discussing it with Izayoi-san and the others.)

The priority is still Maxwell at the moment.

“I understand. I will just use Rin’s conjecture as part of my reference in the formulating of the plan. If it is alright with you, please give me a simple run down on your speculation.”

“……. Well, sure, it’s alright with me. But don’t lose hope after hearing my speculations okay?” Rin sighed while relieving herself of the responsibility by giving a warning.

She fell silent for a moment to structure her thoughts before starting from the basics of her speculation.

“Firstly, let’s start with the [Maxwell Demon]. This demon was proven to exist during the early 2000s.”

“……? Do you mean that it has been given the ‘proof of being a demon’ due to its materialization in observable reality?”

“No. It was given proof in scientific research. The details of the proof entails a lot of testings done in the realm of thermophysics so I’m skipping that portion……And using that concept as the basis for research, humans have successfully obtained the technology to draw energy readings from an environment that was originally devoid of such data. — Hm, do you get it? Maxwell demon isn’t an actual demon, but it is a real existence due to the physical laws in the world.”


Jin took in three gulps of cold air before he internalized Rin’s words.

The reason behind names of [Maxwell demon] and [Laplace Demon] is due to the figure of speech of an existence that is unobservable and unconfirmed…… hence being referred to as the thought experiments that are given a personification in the realm of science.

They are demons that are simultaneously acknowledged to be present and are doubted to exist. However, they were once rejected by the realms of science that they were originated from. And yet, they were acknowledged once more to exist in the world and are even observable. This is a big incident that had never seen a precedent in the history of Little Garden.

Jin wasn’t too clear about what sort of thing could transform data into energy, but if it were a technique that could manifest things from nothing, that would be something that far exceeded the capabilities of human inventions.

To say that it has crossed into the realm of gods would not be a far fetched thing as well.

“Can it be that…… that’s the real identity of the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine]……!?”

“That’s what I think too. And it would seem that the situation in the parallel world is much more complicated than what we know of it.

Mu~ Rin hugged her chest with a troubled expression.

Next, she snapped her finger before continuing into the explanation of her speculations.

“Suspicious point number 1:

If the technique that has been discovered during the proving of Maxwell demons is the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine], we will be met with a conflict to our speculation. And that would be the idea of ‘Maxwell demons being the very existence of the Third Perpetual Motion Machine’. If that is the case, it would result in the query of why is it being named the third in the first place.

Suspicious point number 2:

There is this strange point about having multiple possessors of the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine] and there cannot be substitutes for the item that is termed as the last mysterious technique of Mankind. This suggests that the possessors may be of the same existence or have a relationship that is a mutual supportive sort.

Theory number 1:

The aforementioned suspicion cues us in that the Maxwell Demon is unrelated to the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine], but the Maxwell Demon holds a part of the spiritual power that is to be obtained from the achievement of such an invention as a result of being part of the requirements for creating the perpetual motion machine.

Theory number 2:

It could be that I’ve been making things too complicated with my thoughts and that it is basically a much simpler reason in reality. Perhaps the Maxwell Demons are equivalent to the [Third Perpetual Machine] and that’s it right?

—-So baby~, that’s all I’ve got for now, whatcha think?”[magrefnotes: gosh, I have no idea how to fit that english word of baby in…..]

“What do you mean by “Whatcha think?”, it’s got to be Theory 1.” Jin concurred with Rin on her first theory. At the same time, Jin was in admiration for this girl who could draw up the connections to have multiple theories within a short span of time. It might also be possible that her knowledge and speed of cognitive analysis are comparable to that of Izayoi’s.

Not wanting to lose to a person of his age, Jin renewed his spirits to ask.

“So the spiritual attainment of Maxwell has been figured out. Then regarding the connection between his spiritual attainment and the angeloid monsters, are we to assume that the process of the discovery is connected to a mythological faction?”

“Mhm, I also think that’s the case.”

“But……we are in for trouble now. Even if it’s an angeloid creature to us, it’s actually a model that we are not too sure about on the first glance and we could have associated it to other objects. If there any other precedent to this occurrence before?”

Hearing Jin’s question, His Highness propped his chin with a hand as he spoke.

“I heard that when the theory of relativity was established, Einstein’s accomplishment and the Star striped flag were summoned over together. However, their locations are currently unknown. But I guess this is something similar?”

“But that’s an exception of the exceptions.”

“…… What do you mean?”

“It is said that if another person besides Einstein were to come up with the theory of relativity, it would bring about a future that is worse than what it already is. That would then escalate the process and bring forward the date of the end of the world.”

“Therefore, Einstein obtained a massive spiritual power and there was a time that many people called him the real identity of Azi Dahaka.

“That would mean that NBCR weapons are the last trial?…… Mhm, Mah, although it isn’t good enough for a guess, the truth shouldn’t be that far from it as well, right?  That way of putting it is quite intriguing and it does have some merit to be mulled over.” [magrefnotes:NBCR- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radioactive]

Rin then walked to the side to ponder the possibility in His Highness’s words.

Whereas Jin started to use the time to digest the information that he had heard.

A skill or technique based [Paradigm Shift] should not be an accomplishment of an individual but is usually owed to a group of people who worked on it. The the anthropomorphization of Laplace and Maxwell from their theories are due to the undeterminable theorist in their midst. WIth that in mind, it would be possible to assume that the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine] has a connection with a religious organization as can be seen from those angeloid creatures.

Thinking up to this point, Jin suddenly thought of another related matter.

(…… Ei? Seems to be missing something……?)

Just as Jin was feeling that sensation of having heard of a similar topic with regards to the [Third Perpetual Motion Machine], a sense of dread was simultaneously creeping onto his entire being.


At the same time as Jin, who was chasing that elusive and dreaded thought, Rin got her next conjecture.

“The phenomenon of Azi Dahaka’s clone to harbor the power to wither away the forest…… that is also a spiritual attainment from the invention of biological weapons?…… no, wait a moment, that’s a weapon that utilizes the dispersion of microbes…… microbes? Oi, wait a moment!!!”

All of a sudden, Rin was shouting.

“Rin. Keep it down! It will be trouble for us if we’re discovered.

“It’s not the time to be thinking about that! Right, it almost slipped my mind! Microscopic baterias…… No, that’s not it. It’s microscopic particles! And the newest perpetual motion mechanism! Damn, why didn’t I notice such an important detail?!! I’m such a baka!!”

Rin gesticulated her arms and shouted.

“What’s wrong? Quick, explain to us, Rin.” His Highness had wanted to admonish her behavior, but seeing that she was onto something, he hurriedly asked for an explanation.

“What else can it be! The summoning ritual that was used by Maxwell had been “Summon maxwell myths. 3S. Nano machine unit”…… yes, it’s nano machine units! To add that phrase into the summoning ritual, it might just mean that nano machines are the real identity of the Maxwell demon……!!”

Rin was covering her mouth as she spilled the conjecture which she confident of having linked up the details.

“Even if they have found the absurd technique to materialize data, I doubt that it would be able to create a massive enough power to operate an entire city…… but if it’s just the energy to operate particle sized nano machines…… but it is not clear what is the impact of using nanomachines on biological matter…… unless this means that it is related to the [Genome Tree]?…… If we were to assume the above, rather than calling this a research where a mythological faction has lent their aid, we might as well consider it as a product purely created from experiments. Or perhaps, it is a technique that secures the realm of the god’s divinity and hence gaining aid from them…… but to have such an influence to encompass the world and governance, there are only two such mythological factions…… this is bad, that means the mythological faction backing [Ouroboros is really—–!!?”

“Aiya, you’re actually able to put together a conjecture up to that level? You sure live up to my expections, Ayazato Rin.” [magrefnotes: Just a reminder from jp-ch translator Hong Lian that the girl in [Carnaria Orphanage] is called Ayazato Suzuka.]

Suddenly, a cold gust swept over them.

Jin had heightened his vigilance upon hearing the unfamiliar voice. However, the other two were already beyond the level of being tensed. Their usual look of ease were wiped from their faces in an instant and the coloration of blood seemed to drain from their faces.

It was the first time that jin had seen the duo with such pale and icy expressions. Their shoulders were tensed and it was just as though some adult had caught these two kids in the midst of their mischief. Even though the duo were definitely with brains that did not match the average child’s level of thinking.

The owner of that voice — The male poet named Grimm of the [Ouroboros], appeared before them like his previous encounter with Azi Dahaka, had a shallow smile on his lips as he appraised the duo.

“Awesome. The disciples whom I thought were incompetent have unexpectedly improved themselves by self-study up to this stage? I honestly look forward to seeing your growths in another decade.”


“……What did you come here for? You, the bard, should not have gotten the notice to take part in this operation.

“Hey, hey, that sure is cold of you. It’s one of the rare moments that I came over to help.”

“Help? Ha, I bet that you are here to make use of us. We are not interested in borrowing the strength of a useless poet who had his spiritual power and accomplishments stolen by a saint.”

“That’s really rude huh. We are all ticks who cling onto the fur of the same lion. Wouldn’t that make us sort of buddies?”

“Save your sleep talking for your eternal sleep. We only wish to cut off ties with the [Ouroboros]. We never intended to have a direct confrontation from the very start. Don’t lump us together with that black-hearted bastard who would want to usurp the [Oroboros] alliance at the slightest chance.”

Yeah, yeah, I got it. The man laughed cheerfully.

Although Jin was curious about the appearance of this strange looking man, he found the immense pressure exerted by his presence too heavy to interrupt their conversation. Unconscious about the grabbing of his hands that were trembling, Jin held his breath and suppressed his questions.

(Who……?! No, it should be , what is that guy……?!)

Is he a human? A demon? Or a phenomenon? Although there wasn’t a real feeling of a physical presence standing before them, his five senses was telling a different story of there being “something standing there”.

Rather than just an illusion, it was more apt to think of it as the rustle of footsteps in the background.

(His Highness and Rin are being wary of him. However, he doesn’t seem to be their enemy and he is not their comrade as well?…… Come to think of it, aren’t I in the worst spot right now?)

(Yeah, You are obviously in a checkmate there. My condolences to you.)

From the ring of Hamelin, Percher interjected her comment on his situation.

(Percher, is it someone that you know too? Do you have any info on him?) Jin asked as cold sweat beaded his forehead.

(It’s not something as simple as knowing him or not. It’s that I didn’t expect this guy to join up with [Ouroboros] as well. By the quality of that voice, he should be the person who summoned me into Little Garden.)


Jin let out a slightly strangled off exclamation while Percher continued with a simplified reply with a slight anxious quality to her tone.

(There seems to be a change in his appearance…… but his voice is still the same as I remember it to be. I’m very sure about that. He’s the legendary demon lord who used to lead the [Fantasy Magic Grimoires (Grimm Grimoire)].)

The poet who uses the folklores of [The Piper of Hamelin], [Cinderella], [Puss in Boots] as the medium to summon the demons of the fairytales.

To the extent of being classified as the fourth strongest fantasy creation of humankind.

That is the identity of this man, says Percher.

(Word was that he had died, but it seems that he’s still alive and well. With him around, it does seem more plausible for he to be summoned over…… but I guess if I had thought over it carefully, I would have also figured out as much. It’s clearly something that I had completely overlooked.)

(But if you refer to the fairytales of the Grimm, weren’t they written by the Grimm brothers?)

(……I don’t know. But, I heard His Highness mention something about “having your accomplishments taken away by a saint” or something. Perhaps, it is because of that.)

They two of them were busy speculating, but there were too many mysteries with regards to this man’s identity. Purely figuring out his existence could perhaps be a form of accomplishment in itself.

If they were able to make it back alive.

“Really now, why did you become so arrogant and self-important? If you acted more cutesy or like a maiden in distress, you would definitely fit the characteristic of my favourite toys.”

“What’s close to the ink block will be equally stained black. So now, make it quick, state your intent.”

His Highness responded warily while staring at the man with hostility.

The atmosphere was such that it would seem plausible for His Highness to eliminate the other at the slightest opening.

“You are running out of time? I guess your situation really does call for my empathy, but you should also be relishing in your state of hopelessness for a moment. …. Mah, I guess saying such stuff isn’t of much meaning at this point. My intention is just as I said earlier. I’m here to help you, so in return, do lend me a hand as well.

“Go eat shit.”

“Seriously now, why did you turn out to be such a brat?”

“Much like my sensei, I’m sure of that. — Well, although His Highness says that, please do lend us a hand if you do intend to help us. If it’s possible, could you please tell us of your brilliant plan, sensei?”

Rin straightened her posture while clasping her hands before her in her plea.

This attitude from her was more likely born from fear rather than respect. Her current movements were still a great distance away from her usual bouncy and lively persona.

“Well, it can’t be called a strategy, but I just did a little negotiation with a Death God. That fellow, Koumei, also seems to have returned from the West Side. So let’s leave Maxwell to him for now. Rin and Graiya will follow me to wait for an opportunity. Aura will be returning a grimoire and His Highness will be joining the game on the other side. So get going and perform your duty as a candidate of the (Origin).”


The two in question exchanged a glance and sucked in a cold breath at the same time.

The words of that man couldn’t be more clear than that.

“You are letting His Highness…… fight Azi Dahaka? Did you mean it like that?”

“Aah. Although it is earlier than what we had planned it to be, it should be possible to give him a few punches when we have two Sun Authorities right?”

“Then, I will also….!”

“Don’t spout nonsense. How can I allow my cute disciple to simply run around like that.”

A smile was plastered across his face but it lacked the warmth of a teacher’s love for a student.

Be it for the intention of the mission or for his own pleasure of using them as his playthings, none of that was visible on the expression of this man. What is evident for sure is the fact that the shots were now all in the hands of this man to call and beckon.

“Taking into considering the goals of [Ouroboros], we are unable to let you defeat Maxwell at this stage. Because that will lead to an early proclamation of the coming of “Kali Yuga”. His defeat would be very troubling from various aspects of the matter.

“……troubling? Whom does it trouble?”

“I will be troubled.”

“Really? Then I better get all my effort out to eliminate this Maxwell!”

“Shut up you smelly rascal brat. Fine, you can just go and fight for the jade seal from his Majesty and come back. Anyhow, you do not have the room to reject the plan, your traitorous intentions are already exposed for quite a while. Don’t forget that you are still of a state of being just a tool who is on probation of being thrown aside if you are unable to give results. If you intend to live for a while longer, you should just listen to the suggestions of the game controller.”

He might have said it in his shock and hurry to stop His Highness, but he was less easygoing than before.

The last sentence was clearly an order. It hinted that if the orders were to be defied, it would be best for His Highness to be prepared for the worst.

Perhaps His Highness had also realised that about his words and he only gave a loud click of his tongue before sliding his gaze towards Jin and RIn.

“…… Sure, I will have a condition then. You better make sure that they are safe. You can do that right?”

“Hm? I don’t think that you are in the position to ask for conditions. But, I will just let that slide. After all, we’ve known each other for so long.”

The gaze of that man pierced through Jin— No, it was Percher to be more accurate.

Jin tightened his grip around the ring, seemingly in preparation to protect Percher who gave a tremble within.

His Highness stood between them and stared closely at the man.

“…… I understand. I will let you see for yourself. Azi Dahaka…. [The Last Trial of Humanity] will be defeated by me.”


—-end of chapter1—-

{change all Percher to Pest, it is just me who doesn’t want to call her Pest.}




May 19th





— Airborne Castle. The kitchen.

Having tended to her own wounds, KuroUsagi left the tower of the castle she was warded in and started helping out in the kitchen which was located in another tower.

Even in war time, tummies would be hungry. Hunger that returned from her relief of reuniting with her comrades motivated KuroUsagi to whip up some dishes for sustenance.

(Aiyaya. Everyone here is busying with the food preparations for the injured and the refugees too.)

Her usagimimi waved in the air as KuroUsagi moved in small hops around the kitchen.

Borrowing a corner of the kitchen that no one else was using, KuroUsagi placed some ingredients she found around the place together to boil a simple soup of egg and vegetables. Fortunately, there was a storage of a large quantity of spices and it posed no problem when it came to the matter of spicing the food for taste.

Following that, KuroUsagi stir-fried another dish of lamb jerkies and egg.

These dishes were a simple fare, but being a critical time for them all, one would be grateful for such a luxury.

(Although they have managed to buy some time with the authorities of [Host Master], it is not known how long that peace would last before the start of the battle again. KuroUsagi must prepare herself in the meantime as well.)

Currently, the convention for the battle strategizing was being held for the others and the next call for them would surely be the deployment of all able-bodied personnel. If that were the case, the likelihood for KuroUsagi to be counted within the strength of the main force would be very high indeed.

Thus, for the sake of carrying out her duties later, now was the time for her to replenish her strength as much as possible.

(Since these usagimimi have returned, KuroUsagi’s not a burden anymore. KuroUsagi will work hard to not hold back Izayoi-san, Asuka-san and Yao-san.)

Clenching her fists, KuroUsagi silently firmed her resolve. And just when KuroUsagi was about to carry away her completed dishes, a familiar voice came from behind.

“Ooh, that looks tasty. KuroUsagi-dono, may I have a taste too?”

KuroUsagi shook her usagimimi as she turned her head back.

As it was a voice that she recalled having heard before, KuroUsagi turned back without a shred of guardedness. Only to widen her eyes after seeing the owner of the voice.

(Woah Woah…..! Where, where did this beauty come from…?!)

KuroUsagi frantically took a step back as she took in the sight of the female whom she had not met before. She had seen quite a few beauties in her life. However, this person was a breed that she had not seen before.

In contrast to that set of strong and determined eyes that contained the sense of demureness and great intellect, those breasts which were bigger than the average being matched with a vertical striped sweater with a low neckline only served to give off an enticing feel.

Her slightly long flaxen hair were plaited wonderfully and it reached from her shoulder to lie between her breasts. And naturally, that would have attracted the line of sight of any onlookers.

Different from the vibe that Leticia exuded, this woman gave off the appeal of a grown woman.

(Shirayuki-sama and Willa-san possess sizable breasts, but these are also……!)

“KuroUsagi-dono. It’s okay to look, but shouldn’t you show some restrain?”

The mystery beauty chided with a wry smile. It was only then that KuroUsagi who was peeping into the other person’s cleavage was brought back to reality. Indeed, that was a truly unrestrained gaze. It is only because KuroUsagi’s a female that it could be laughed aside. However, a slap would have been reasonable if it were to be a guy doing that very same act of staring.

—But, who in the world is this person?

There was no way for anyone to forget such a beauty even if they had a glance.

Moreover, this person seemed to know KuroUsagi.

Ignoring KuroUsagi’s question, the mystery beauty combed back her hair to peer at the dish.

“Oops. Is that mutton jerky…..? And I just wanted to have a bite together, but now this is a little troubling. Cannibalising would be bad.”

“The same race as the mountain goats? Eh, could you be,”

“Mhm. This is my first time in human form. So allow me to introduce myself once more— I’m the mountain goat celestial beast, Amalthea. As a comrade of the same community, I will be in your care.”

Being greeted with a friendly smile in a polite fashion, KuroUsagi quickly responded in kind. And thinking about it carefully, it would not be strange that she was able to perform an anthropomorphization. After all, Amalthea is a celestial beast as well as a divine being.

KuroUsagi lifted her head as she recalled the legends of the female who stood before herself.

(This person is the elder of the Greek god faction. The nurse-mother of Zeus, the sky god. As well as a harvest goddess and the strongest shield.)

……even though it was a summarised description, it was already quite amazing.

Before a rare type such as Amalthea, the [Moon Rabbit]s and the pure blooded vampires were nothing in comparison.

Even though her spiritual level would have fallen somewhat, it was still unbelievable that someone as important as her would join [No Name]. Then, just what kind of contract could Asuka have made with her?

Sensing the intent behind KuroUsagi’s gaze, Amalthea then smiled as she pointed towards the canteen.

“Since it’s not often that we meet like this, let’s just go to the canteen to have a chat. I’ve always wanted to have a chat with our Community’s strategist, KuroUsagi-dono. Would that be fine with you?”

“YES! Let’s do that, of course!”

KuroUsagi’s usagimimi perked up as she replied. Seeing that the end of the strategic meetings were to be a little while longer, KuroUsagi also wanted to find a chance to have a chat with Amalthea.

The duo then prepared some tea and snacks before setting off in search for a space to have their meal.

Part 2

Having borrowed the use of a VIP room, KuroUsagi and Amalthea, who had finished their meal quickly, were seemingly out of breath as they downed their teas to continue their chat.

“But KuroUsagi-dono and master were actually able to pull through that sort of dangerous situation. When the two of you were teleported by Mazwell, even I had my hopes crushed then. Or should I say that this sure is expected of the [Aristocrat of Little Garden].”

Amalthea was smiling as she offered her praises. However, KuroUsagi was quick to shake her head.

“No, that’s not it. To be able to escape that sort of dangerous situation is really due to the endowment of protection from my patron god as well as the gamble that Asuka had taken to make that wish. This life was supposed to have been burn away as according to the legends of the [Moon Rabbit].”

When bestowed the Divinity of the War God*Indra, the body of the [Moon Rabbit], which had already been endowed with a strong body and strength, would then be sure to receive a power that would surpass any ordinary divine entities in strength.

However that would also be the enactment of the [Moon Rabbit]’s accomplishment where one would exchange one’s life for a miraculous forbidden power.

Originally as the price for the miracle, KuroUsagi should have paid her life.

“What had been bestowed wasn’t only the Gift. It was also my patron god’s past that was passed down to me in the form of a revelation. — “Herald of the War God, please stand for your comrades”. To KuroUsagi, that revelation is the true Gift.”

Placing both her hands before her chest with pride. As the patron god of her race had displayed an act that was only to be expected from a resident of Little Garden, there was nothing that she could be more proud of.

Although recently she had been called [Aristocrat of Little Garden”(lol)] and was taken to be a fool, the symbolic characteristic of self-sacrifice was the true face of the [Moon Rabbit]s.

“…… is that so. I actually thought that Indra wouldn’t have much positive points besides that which was said in the legends. I guess I should re-evaluate my opinion of him.”

“Mh Hm? I won’t be letting that comment slide like that. KuroUsagi heard that the elder god of the Greek faction is also quite playful, right? Especially with regards to his female relationships.”

“Aiya, wouldn’t that count as me slapping my own mouth? But the brave adventures of Indra is just as comparable to Zeus (that kiddo). Amongst them would be the story of being cursed after laying his hands on another’s wife. And I heard that the curse in revenge caused Indra to sprout many female parts all over his body,”

“Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I don’t know, I don’t know, KuroUsagi don’t know! Talking about that stuff is a big taboo for a herald!!!”[magrefnote: Just noticed that 眷属 is not entirely a herald. It connotes a closer, more intimate bloodline /family relation similar to descendants. For simplicity sake, I will just continue using herald.]

Her usagimimi had completely reddened as she covered Amalthea’s mouth. Since it’s made a taboo, there should be some sort of punishment for it. Amalthea wished to continue the topic that sparked much happiness within her, but decided to close it on the account of seeing the frantic efforts on KuroUsagi’s end.

— Just conveniently mentioning on the side, that curse caused Indra to reach a whole new realm, but that is another thing altogether.

Revealing an elegant smile, Amalthea then sipped at her cup of tea before entering the main topic.

“Although it is rejected by many people, the system (origin) of the gods and human history is closely related. Because we are mutual observers who reside in separate universes, those who belong to the “gods most similar to humans” such as Indra and Zeus would then be easily affected by their human sides. Mah, among them are—- those who are born human but are supposed to have been born among the gods to rise as the leader of the gods.”

Hearing such words with a hinted meaning, KuroUsagi straightened her back and usagimimi.

Born human but becoming a leader of the gods. There could only be one person whom Amalthea referred to with that line.

“Could it be that you are referring to …… Asuka-san?

“Mhm. Her talent far exceeds that of a human vessel. However, the existence of master is, how should I put it…… strange. Not balanced. Hard to belief. Religious factions for the gods that have a human as its core do exist such as the Japanese mythologies and the bible, but her case can be called the real meaning of [Unknown].”

“……Indeed. But even though we are still unable to see clearly the origin of Asuka-san, the clues are still more than the other two.”

Sakamaki Izayoi and Kasukabe Yao were the exceptions outside the frame. Whereas, Asuka’s power was the exception within the frame. It was for certain that it would be counted as an unusual power, but it was still a power that was classified in a different direction from the other two.

“Moreover, we had heard from Garol-san of [Six Scars] that Asuka-san might be an “atavism”. A phenomenon whereby a divine spirit has manifest its “atavism”. A financial conglomerate that is in the top five tier of Japan…… Asuka-san’s bloodline, would be expected to have some sort of relationship to the Japanese royalty who bore a god in the form of a human,” [magrefnotes: atavism- the throwback of an organism to have a manifestation of a trait or character typical of an ancestral form usually due to genetic recombination (rephrased a little from Merriam Webster)]

“No, that’s not possible.”

Amalthea’s reply was immediate and KuroUsagi quickly shut her mouth after being met with a reply in such a self-assured tone.

Amalthea placed aside her tea cup before continuing.

“I understand where KuroUsagi-dono’s coming from. But the Japanese mythologies that have their origins tied to the royal family have undergone the ritual to forsake their Divinity after the end of the second world war…… [Universal Declaration of Human Rights].”

“YES. KuroUsagi’s usagimimi also heard that it is after that war that they undertook the ritual to descend their statuses as ordinary humans. And KuroUsagi thinks that it is those displaced Divinities which are now without a vessel that have chosen Asuka-san who may have some kind of bloodline relation…..?”

“Mah, ordinarily speaking, that thought would have sounded plausible, perhaps. The Divinity that she possess is similar and closest to the cosmology of the Japanese religion. The strength of master would be the real manifestation of the Yaoyorozu no kamigami (Eight hundred thousand gods)


“But, if that were the case, it would cause “Kudou Asuka”to become an existence quintessential for the country of Japan. However, according to the history of humankind when I last checked, that sort of turning point and scenario— the [Paradigm Shift] doesn’t exist.”

It was stated as simply as that. However, it was indeed the case.

If Kudou Asuka were to be an existence born to replace the core of the Japanese mythological god faction, it would then lead to the creation of a turning point, [Paradigm Shift], and cause a huge impact on the timeline of history.

However, that did not happen.

Besides, in Izayoi’s flow of time, the financial conglomerate of the Kudou family did not exist.

Amalthea propped her chin on a hand as she started to outline her conjectures.

“The ‘Kudou Financial Conglomerate’ that should not exist. This organisation was erased from history when it was dissolved by the departure of Master. We can then assume that the changing of the twisted history would be the command of master. But even if that were to be case, the powers obtained from the stars would be far too immense.”

“Mhm, indeed. If this is the case, Asuka-san’s power would just be as we initially mistook it to be. It would only at the level of controlling the hearts of people.”

It is true that Kudou Asuka possessed an immense power, but its existence in her body was completely disproportionate. Perhaps given time, KuroUsagi might be able to think up of a reason for the obtaining of such power, but even so, none of the proposed ideas would give the feeling of having hit the bull’s eye.

KuroUsagi’s usagimimi were bent downwards as she racked her brains over the problem. However, the answer would not come to her that easily.

Amalthea watched KuoUsagi with a quiet gaze before speaking hesitantly.

“KuroUsagi-dono. I have gotten an answer that I feel is the closest in possibility regarding the spiritual attainment of master. However…… that answer, might be cause you to feel pained in your heart.”


KuroUsagi straightened her back upon hearing such a warning.

There was a tensed feeling in Amalthea’s gaze that wasn’t present in their conversation before and she leaned forward before speaking again to KuroUsagi.

“I heard from master that KuroUsagi-dono about your sacrifices for the sake of the Community’s continuity. For the sake of saving the fallen organization, you must have been worked to bones. And I would guess that the source of that strength in your heart is for the sake of reclaiming your lost Flag and Name …… and your previous comrades.”

“……Yes. I believe that together with Izayoi-san, Asuka-san and Yao-san, we will surely get them back some day.

“Then what if the existence of Asuka were to become the one thing that shatters your dream?”

Caught by such a sudden question, KuroUsagi widened her eyes.

Such directness in her words were unthinkable to have come from the lips of Amalthea who continued to have that quiet gaze in her eyes. However, there was no animosity in the gaze and it was somewhat closer to testing and probing for something. Although the question was sudden and rude, KuroUsagi remained calm as she digested those words.

Amalthea did not seem to have approached her to start a discussion on Asuka’s birth.

It was more likely that she had wanted to discuss with KuroUsagi with a bigger and more foundational problem.

The space between them was charged with an atmosphere of silence. However, it was also noticeable that the bustle within the castle had already subsided. That would mean the period of collecting and tending to the injured had come to a close.

Listening closely, one would hear the slight wind hitting the windows and doors in the castle and the unbearable silence that filled the entire room.

Their gazes had never left the other.

Even then, KuroUsagi’s words that broke the silence, were beyond the expectations of Amalthea.

“……that matter, would it be concerning the case of our comrades being thrown into the Outer World’s time stream?”


“Croix-sama said that he returned from the Outer World’s time stream and that gives credence to the possibility of other comrades being thrown into the Outer World’s time stream as well. Moreover, the possibility of them returning alive to our Community is of a low possibility. In a way, I’ve already prepared for the worst with regards to that matter.”

KuroUsagi’s calm voice was completely unlike her past self. One could easily hear the determination in her voice and it wasn’t just a matter of a temporary determination for a day or two.

If the possibility wasn’t considered from the day when it all started…… three years ago and given a fair share of acceptance for it to be a viable possibility, one would be unlikely to remain this calm. Her miscalculation of KuroUsagi’s determination caused Amalthea to turn her gaze downward in awkwardness and she apologized sheepishly.

“I said all that with a slight intention of testing your resolve and I’m truly sorry. I had been using the frail KuroUsagi-dono as my model of expectations.”

“No, it’s fine. It is also surprising to KuroUsagi that I’m able to take this thing all so calmly as well. If it were the KuroUsagi of a slight while before, she might have made a huge ruckus about this conjecture. Perhaps, this is also a side effect of obtaining Indra’s gift.”

KuroUsagi rubbed the back of her usagimimi while giving a feeble smile. It was impossible for one to be unshaken by such an impact and the current KuroUsagi was just strong enough to accept these stuff.

Amalthea closed her eyes as she continued.

“……is that so. As part of the endowment of Indra’s Divinity, the lotus of Buddhahood might have bloomed for your spirit and it is possible that you have gotten some revelation from the process as well. That might explain the quality of this calmness that KuroUsagi-dono’s exuding which feels as calm as a summer sea.”

“That, That’s exaggerating the praises for me. If I had not heard of Croix-sama’s experience earlier, KuroUsagi might have made a scene as per usual.”

“Hoho, I will just leave it as that then. —-Then, what would you think? If my conjecture were to be correct…… no, I would rate my confidence level in my hypothesis to be 80 to 90% accurate for myself to actually broach this subject with you. Will you then be able to bear the possibility of the fate of your comrades who were thrown to the other world?”

The hesitant probing gaze was once more reflected in those eyes of Amalthea.

And KuroUsagi returned a nod with a tranquil gaze of her own.

Part 3

On the other side at the same time.

Kudou Asuka, Leticia and Shirayuki-hime were huddled together while resting after the hearing of the discussion on Azi Dahaka counter measures.

Among the trio was Asuka, who was the palest in her complexion as the colour of blood seemed to have drained from her face. She was holding her hands tightly while having an expression of worry and a brooding silence. If it were the usual fiery Asuka, she would have voiced her dissatisfaction earlier.

Chewing her lip to keep calm, Asuka asked Leticia.

“……that’s unbelievable. Leticia, is she serious about that plan? That’s completely nuts. Are we really able to trust it?”

“Aah. In terms of the calculations for success rates, Lappy’s the strongest brain for that.”

“Mhm. Since it is the strategy designed by the [Laplace Demon], I will believe in it then. Although that would place a huge mental strain on Asuka……”

Shirayuki-hime had a serious expression as she concurred with Leticia with regards to the trust in Laplace’s ability. Hoever, the role that Asuka was about to play was much larger than what she had described it to be. Moreover, it wasn’t a humane plan to be carried out either.

“…… Bestowing mock divinity to the remaining strength count. The fire dragons and the ghost types should be able to withstand the process to some extent but how many would actually be left standing to continue to battle,”


Hearing the chiding tone in Leticia’s voice, Shirayuki-hime covered her mouth quickly.

Asuka’s expression only became graver than before.

Mock Divinity was a double edged sword that granted an individual god level powers in exchange for the shaving off of one’s lifespan.

(In the past, Asuka was only using her power to twist the will of her opponents. Hence she was unable to effectively utilise the effect of mock Divinity enhancement. However, in the case when the target’s determination is aligned to the bestowed Divinity, the spiritual boost would be pretty significant.)

It might have been a necessary action to be undertaken for the operation.

However, Kudou Asuka who was to carry out that operation was only just a fifteen year old girl.

The thought of making others rush to their deaths and gamble their lives for the sake of being useful in battle should not have been a natural thought that crosses her mind on any usual day. It was a responsibility that’s too heavy for such a young person like her.

“……Leticia. Is that plan absolutely necessary?”

“Aah. Be it a plan to defeat or to seal Azi Dahaka, there’s a definite need to get that guy’s huge spiritual power…… no, I should just describe it as quantity for an easier understanding. There is a need to make him spit out all of those portions.”

“Thus, there’s a need to have enough strength in numbers to deal with the large quantities of clones. For that end, Asuka’s endowment of mock Divinity to the masses is absolutely necessary. Although we might not feel that good about having to force a young one such as yourself to carry out this plan…… but there isn’t any other method that would be more constructive than that. Looking in another perspective, this would give a huge boost to the success rate of the operation—“

“No, that’s not enough.”

Coming from the other side of the large VIP room doors was a voice of a male who interrupted Shirayuki-hime’s words— Mandra’s voice.

The sudden interruption caused the female group some slight dissatisfaction for being bothered, but it was followed by an apology.

“I apologize for the interruption. I had thought to enter for the final tying up of the strategy discussions, but it became an eavesdropping act instead.”

“……it’s alright. After all it does concern everyone too.”

The voices of both parties were stiff. After all, the people who would be betting their lives on the line in the upcoming battle were none other than them.

And everyone would have their own thoughts on the matter.

Having gotten the permission to enter, Mandra did not sit himself with them and opted to stand while making his request.

“Regarding the subsequent combat operation, we of [Salamandra] would like to make a request to the [No Names].”

“That, is it for me?”

“No, we would like to make a request from Leticia-dono.”

Hearing the unexpected words, Asuka turned her surprised gaze towards Leticia.

But Leticia seemed to have anticipated this in advance and cold sweat were already beading her forehead.

“Mandra-dono. Could it be that…… you are here to talk about the battle 200 years prior?”

“That’s right. As expected of one who had experienced the battle 200 years ago. Then, this makes things simpler. We would like to borrow your power once more for this current battle. The power of Little Garden’s Knights— the Vampires.”

Getting a hint of the meaning behind Mandra’s words, Asuka and Shirayuki-hime sucked in a breath of cold air.

— wanting to borrow the power of the vampires.

These words can only mean one thing.

“Could, Could it be that …… you intend to cause your comrades of [Salamandra] to undergo vampirification?!”

“What stupidity!! Vampirification is only a nice sounding term but that doesn’t change the fact that it is only just a step away from being zombified into a cannibalistic creature and is hence a banned technique! Needless to say, it is a restricted Gift of the dark side!  Are you planning to pollute the blood that holds the legacy of the strongest kind?!”

“I would know of that more clearly than anyone else!!!”

Mandra roared loudly in an intensity that rivalled Shirayuki-hime’s loud voiced chiding.

“Being bestowed mock Divinity……. Is indeed a large power-up. However, without a strong and durable physical body or spiritual vessel, it is impossible to maintain that form for a sufficient duration. In the end, that would only force the main force to have a limited time to draw a clear distinction between victory and defeat and have their choices greatly restricted. In that case, we would be giving a huge burden of responsibility to the frontline fighters.


Shirayuki-hime could not find a come-back for that point.

Originally, the three headed dragon is already a foe that’s out of their league.  Thus, for the sake of gaining a victory in this fight, there was a need to carry out the operation with a precision similar to the treading of a needle head.

“However, with us dragon types coupled with vampirification that strengthens our bodies, it would also serve to maintain our mock Divinity forms for a longer time in battle. As long as our spiritual capacities are boosted to that extent, even my useless self would be able to have a bout with that three headed dragon to sate my vengeance.”

If that power had been able to boost the Titan race from their previous encounter, one would definitely expect a similar result when giving that same power to the large sized Fire Dragons or to those with a less diluted bloodline.

However, it is just as Shirayuki-hime says, the act of doing so would defy moral grounds.

Allowing evil to consume them for the sake of victory would then invite an inevitable retribution.

And knowing the type of hazard that the curse would cause to the receiver, Leticia gave a big sigh as she levelled her gaze on Mandra.

“…Mandra-dono. Are you planning to be vampirified as well?”

“Of course. With Sandora missing at the moment, it falls down to me to lead the charge. Therefore, how is it possible that I’m going to be the only one to be spared from the curse?”

“I see that you have a great determination, but I presume that you have said that while understanding the meaning of your words, have you? This vampirification might actually cause [Salamandra] to be destroyed in its literal meaning.”

Leticia’s question was laced with a deeper meaning as she asked to reconfirm his determination.

And that tone was not lost on Asuka as she coked her head quizzically.

“Leticia. What…what do you mean? Could you be implying that it will be fatal?”

“Or rather, it should be said in another way. It will definitely give an effect like Mandra says it would. The spiritual power and the physical vessel, which is the body, would have a great boost in strength. However, that would require a price and that would be…… the truth behind [Salamandra]’s irreplaceable aging population.”

“Although Laplace tried to secretly change the battle proposal, we of [Salamandra] are facing a threat from a different direction altogether. The number of deaths is really astounding. But besides that problem…… would be direct threats of the short lifespans of vampirified individuals and the decline in fire dragon birth rates to become 1 in a hundred.”

At this point, Asuka, who learnt the truth, had the look of surprise on her face.

When compared to the sacrifices in battle, this might just be a reality that would make it all the worse with its serious implications.

The cost from the vampirification —-and the loss of their fertility.

If it is only a shortening of one generation’s lifespan, it might still be salvageable for their clan. However, it would be another matter altogether if they were to lose their fertility as well. The already small population of the fire dragons would then face a threat far worse than a plague.

“I heard that the current numbers of the fire dragon race is roughly five thousand strong. Whereas the numbers in the past, 200 years prior, was at thrice that amount. ……Although there were deaths in the great battle 200 years ago, the main reason of that decrease would still be the result of the curse of infertility and shortened lifespans of the vampirification process. Am I right?”

“……That’s right. If we wanted to be really precise about the matter, it would be that the vampirified individuals would need to take some blood from their own race if they wanted to have a longer lifespan. Whereas, even those who would reject the consumption of blood would be able to live for a dozen years or so…… However, using longevity to overcome the few numbers and low fertility rate is what makes the two curses fatal to our race.”

As a result, the strength of the [Salamandra] organization has been greatly decreased.

This is because the decrease in numbers for an army that comprises of a single race would be directly proportional to the decrease in its strength.

“Mandra-dono. I hope that you will reconsider the matter. Let’s back up a hundred steps to consider it in this perspective. Even if I were to help you with the vampirification process, Sandora-dono is still missing and if the only one left to carry the burden of responsibility for leading your people were to be vampirified, it would be a total end to the [Salamandra] leader’s bloodline. It is the literal meaning of disbanding the Community…… Or do you mean that you want to beg Sala-dono, who ran away, to come back.”

Leticia watched Mandra closely as she implored his reconsideration with a weighty tone. In addition, within those words was a question that intended to remind him of his possible responsibility as a leader if he had not already realise that. After all, the organization of [Salamandra] was just pushed into such a tight corner in the current situation.

If one were to consider the rebuilding after the battle, it would be a minimum requirement for Mandra Doltrake to be living and unharmed.

(The understanding…. Of the continuity of one’s race or organization……)

Asuka watched their conversation intensely while gritting her teeth. No matter what the reason had been for Asuka, she had been one who ran away from that situation. Even though she had been seen as a terrifying witch for having the ability to hold sway over the hearts of people, it did not dismiss the fact that she was expected to be the next head to lead the financial conglomerate.

And she, who had thrown aside all that to escape into the other world, did not have a right to interrupt this conversation.

Leticia and Mandra watched each other tensely.

But unexpectedly, it was Leticia who lowered her gaze first while giving a sigh.

“……I just don’t get you, Mandra-dono. You are the kind who would even make use of other Demon Lords to bring glory to your organization, aren’t you? It should be your wish to glorify [Salamandra], isn’t it?”

“That wish has not changed one bit.”

“Then, treasure yourself. The blood that flows within you represents the future of the current [Salamandra]. Have you considered the thoughts of your comrades who are to learn that there is no future even if they were to score a victory here?”

Compared to her chiding tone earlier, her words sounded closer to an advice this time. Having known each other for a long time, she would also be hoping for a solution that did not involve an entire reconstruction of the organisation from its very roots.

Precisely because Mandra understood Leticia’s well-meaning behind her words, he had controlled himself from a usual hot-headed loud retort. Moreover, if Leticia weren’t a person who had contact with his Community even before his birth, she would not be wasting such lengths to give an advice as patiently as she did.

“……Actually, before coming here, I had gone to ask Laplace on the whereabouts of Sandora.”

“That’s…. Hm, and what’s the verdict?”

“And, it is determined that the reason for Demon King of Confusion’s control over Sandora is…… the unstable situation of our organisation, [Salamandra].”


Demon King of Confusion is an evil god that appears during the instability of a society. And judging by the situation of [Salamandra], it was only natural for Demon King of Confusion to appear.

“There are two conditions for Sandora to be released. First would be the development in Sandora’s own mind and body to obtain the capability and capacity to rid herself of Demon King of Confusion’s possession. Secondly would be targeted organization working as one to right the chaos and confront the Demon King of Confusion.”

“…… For that, you decided to defile the purity of your blood?”

“That’s correct. Although there are quite a number of respectable individuals in [Salamandra], there are quite a number of naïve people as well. It is those naïve people who would plan to use the opportunity to elevate me to the leadership position to maintain [Salamandra]’s operations. However, if they were to know that I’m infertile and unable to produce anymore heirs, they would definitely go to save Sandora.”

Saying up to there, Mandra suddenly broke into a bitter laugh.

Perhaps, that was a mirthless humour made at himself.

“We……. Have always been leaving bad impressions on her. An elder sister who left the organization and a useless elder brother who has a deformed Dragon Horn due to illness. Even though we are over a hundred years old, we as members of the family have only brought shame to our name. Those must be her thoughts of us. And the only thing that I can do now would be to protect the leadership position for Sandora.”

The deformed Dragon Horn— rather than the result of an illness, it’s better described as a fault in the developmental years.

And for the dragon kind, the horn would be similar in significance to the lion’s teeth or the wings of a bird.

Although it would not cause death to the individual, it was definitely fatal if one were to look at the importance of the bloodline’s continuity. Therefore, it was in that instance that he had to give up on the rights to the inheritance.

“I agree with your sound advice, Leticia-dono. However, clinging onto such a small sliver of hope is only similar to building castles in the air. The only way to boost our ranks of [Salamandra] would be to require a dragon king’s bloodline. May the dark clouds that surround our people be dispersed by our roars— Even if it is the last valiant roar before our demise, as long as our voices are able to reach Sandora, [Salamandra] will surely be awakened from the abyss of stars one day.”

[Salamandra], the descendents of the Demon Lord TaiSui and the reincarnation of the Equator’s celestial dragon.

Although the path of the Sun, as it makes its way across the skies, would welcome a period of sunset, it would not bring about a total darkness for the night. And that was the belief that was reflected in the depths of his eyes.

Staring into Mandra’s eyes and having recognised the strong iron-clad will within them, Leticia gave a laugh of nostalgia.

“……Fufu. Mandra, you’ve become a fine warrior after that gap of a hundred years, huh. If Canaria were able to see the current you, she would also be glad about the changes.”

“Who knows? After all it’s Canaria-sensei that we’re talking about. It’s possible that she would have a laughing fit before giving only a passing grade.”

“No, no, she won’t. Canaria said that you had the potential since the time that she saw you in your younger years. The exact words were {“Mán-chan is really capable and has the potential to be cultivated”}. It really is a waste that you were unable to develop into a full dragon.”

Leticia giggled as she said the Mandra’s nickname of his younger days.

Asuka and Shirayuki exchanged a glance upon hearing the nickname that did not suit the current person in question.

Whereas the person himself, Mandra, had fallen silent. He then feinted a cough as he searched for a way to reply.

“Hmph……. That’s all for my request. So, allow me to make that suggestion to [No Name] once more. May you endow us with the Gift of the Vampires.”

“I understand. But the vampirification process can only be conducted on those who have the bloodline of humans.”

“Then, there’s no problem with that. Although it may be of a far relation, it is said that the wife of the progenitor is a human and there should be some traces of the human bloodline in the fire dragon race.”

“Then, let’s get started with the preparations. It will take some time for the blood to intermingle and bind. So time would be precious.”

Saying so, Leticia stood to leave.

And having heard their conversation, Asuka was painfully aware for the first time.

(It was the same for all of them. Everyone is placing a lot at stake to enter the fray……)

Then what about herself, Kudou Asuka? Would she be able to obtain a similar determination if she exhausted all the reasons for her to participate in the battle?

Part 4

—— The airborne castle. Second VIP room.

“…………….. It’s~~~~~so slow.”

Kasukabe Yao was feeling lonely as she sat on her wheelchair with her face pouted in a little tantrum.

Besides herself, there was no one else in the room and no one to talk to pass the time. And if we were to list the things that she could do the pass time, it would be the simple play of making “Clack Clack” noises with her wheelchair wheels. And that was the only interesting thing that she could think off at the moment.

No, that’s not it. The problem wasn’t about that boredom.

It has been a few hours since her handing over of her [Genon Tree] to Croix and she had intended to talk to Croix to find out about Izayoi, Asuka and KuroUsagi’s conditions. However, Croix had not returned since then. In the end, Yao could only play with her wheelchair making “clack clack” noises to pass the hours of boredom. And ironically feeling frustrated that she was finding amusement in her little made up game.

No, the problem was not there as well.

(I learn the timing for the commencement of the strategic meeting and because of that I’m unable to leave the room as well. Besides, I do not know the time for the meals and there’s no one visiting me too.)

Clack. Clack. Clack. After many years, she was sitting on the wheelchair again and making it move back and forth for the sounds.

She was weighing the thought of simply going out in the wheelchair to wander around in search of Croix. However, the other thought of possibly getting herself lost in the multitude of corridors made her drop her previous idea.

Just as she thought that there’s nothing else to do but to continue clacking around, Yao finally felt the presence of people on the other side of the room’s door.

“…… that’s all for the details. But don’t be too careless. We are basing it off your current mobility so the possibility of a complete victory is not entirely lost.”

“Yeah, yeah Shinigami, I’ve gotten it the first time, so you needn’t repeat those lines like a broken record.”

An old man’s voice that had a suspicious quality to the tone and another voice that was starting to take on a familiar tone.

Yao immediately turned her wheelchair to charge out into the corridor.

“Izayoi!? Are you alright?”

Bang! Went the door as Yao let herself out of the room in a rush.

Izayoi had a look of slight surprise on his face but he soon recovered with a usual loud laugh while giving a nod of his head.

“Yo! You look fine as well….. or maybe not. You really can’t walk now?”

Izayoi’s smiling face turned serious as he expressed his concern. And it was evident that Izayoi had heard of Yao’s current condition from Croix.

On the other hand, Yao who was watched by Izayoi’s slightly worried eyes, mustered her voice to reply in a tone that was as energetic as her usual self.

“It’s fine. I just need my [Genome Tree] to return to normal. Then I will be able to stand in battle with everyone this time. …… Am I right, Croix-san?”

“Yes, of course. And as promised, I will return the [Genome Tree] to you. But, before that, I’ll have to ask you about some matters, is that alright?”


“Really? Then I will just be frank about this. I’m sure that you’ve heard of the [Genome Tree] and its connections to your parents…… then, regarding the type of Gift that it is crafted into, I’m sure that you would also have noticed something about it by now, am I right?”

Kasukabe gave a light nod in response to Croix’s words.

It is said that the [Genome Tree] is a Gift created to defeat Demon Lords and it simultaneously acted as the Gift that would deny the existence of the theory championed by the creationists. And among the three problem children, Yao Kasukabe, who came from the furthest future, had some speculations on the techniques that would be closest to this Gift.

“…… I get it somewhat that because in my time, the general idea is that the theory of creationism and evolution exists as at the same time.”

“I see. So that’s the case…… Then, I have another question for you. In your world,—- no , I mean in your time, were there any Gryphons?”

“Nn Mhm, but thinking about it logically, it might be possible for them to have man-made gryphons. Although international laws would have forbidden it, that sort of technique would be possible with the technology of our time.”

“…… I see. I get it now. All thanks to you, my years of ponderings are finally quenched by your answers. The era that you come from is truly similar to the other time periods but yet different for it deviates largely from the end point of the time stream. Perhaps, it might even be considered as a world that works as an exception. Moreover, I believe that the series of events that I’ve experienced in the outside world might not even exist in the time stream that you belong to. And although it might be a coincidence, the philosophical perspective and techniques of your time is truly unique and apart from all the other observable time streams that I’ve seen. So, it’s truly a pity—“


Swish! Izayoi lifted his hand to take a swipe at Croix’s bowler hat.

Being unusually serious in his conversation then, Croix was surprised by the sudden attack and he blinked stupidly for a moment before staring accusingly at Izayoi.

“……is something the matter, Izayoi-chan.”

“Is something the matter my foot. Although I can deduce a little from that rant, but please bother enough to put it in a way that I can grasp, okay?”

Izayoi stood at akimbo as he spoke in irritation.

However, Croix who adjusted his bowler hat, only looked away with a thoughtful expression before shaking his head.

“Well, it’s still not the time to tell you about this. But I did promise to have the talk you wanted after the fight with Azi Dahaka right?”

“Hmph. What’s up with this kind of person who brings the topic up but brushes it aside when asked to clarify his own words.”

“You are right about that please understand that this is a question that has bugged me for several hundred years too. So I do promise to spill all that I know to you people after you guys are successful in defeating Azi Dahaka.”

And in the end, the conversation stopped there.

However, if the Demon Lord Azi Dahaka embodies the [Eschatology of the world], one would then be suspicious about the existence of Kasukabe Yao. This is because from the few words that she had said about her background even if it lacked the details, one would be able to deduce that she was summoned from the distant future.

And if she came from a distant future that has avoided the end of the world, that would give an inkling into the reason for the survival and a key to figuring out the truth behind the spiritual source of Azi Dahaka.

(But there isn’t time to spend on pondering over such details currently. Although the causation of Azi Dahaka might be closely related to what they just discussed, Azi Dahaka isn’t an opponent who can be defeated just by wits alone.)

Izayoi got hold of himself and focused on the priorities once more. Although he might have been heavily injured before the fight then, his opponent had still left him hapless in the one to one duel. Stray thoughts of these sort would only serve to hamper his movements and invite a counter from the enemy. Therefore, Izayoi chose to shut his mouth and lean on the wall for now.

Just as Croix took out the [Genome Tree], voices that were familiar were echoing down the corridors.

“You, You shouldn’t be up yet, Jack-san! Your wounds are too severe to rejoin the front lines!”

“……Oh, this? It’s no problem at all. Because my body is immortal after all. Lily-ojou-chan should hurry to take care of the other wounded instead.”

Having noted the familiarity of the voices, the trio exchanged a glance before heading briskly to the adjacent corridor.

And it was there that they saw Jack with his body swathed in bandages and leaning on the wall facing the fox girl Lily who was to coerce him to rest.

It was evident enough what the duo were arguing about along the corridors and no questions were needed to further clarify their speculations.

Interrupting their commotion, Izayoi scratched his hair while walking towards Jack with his usual smile.

“Yo, Jack. Thanks for the help that was a little on the side of being late. It’s the first time that I’ve seen you in your human form, but it seems to be more troublesome than your pumpkin form huh? If you do plan to quietly return to the sick bay, I’m willing to lend you a shoulder, you know?”

“……Izayoi-dono. You are already up? And here I was thinking that your injuries looked worse than mine when I last saw you.”

“Ah, don’t worry about me. It’s as you see it. I’m alive and well. It’s said that one’s daily actions are really important because this is all the work of the Unicorn Horn that was given to us during the course of our adventures and it turns out to be a really great Gift that is able to heal my injuries of that extent. However, it’s a pity that it’s only usable for a person.”

And Izayoi completed his story before Jack could ask the questions.

So Jack, whose unasked questions had been answered, could only shake his head with a wry smile.

“Is that so?…… I would also like to rest in the sick bay for a while, but it really is despicable for me to face my back to the enemy when I’m one of the Hosts.”

“Your opponent would never care for that sort of naïve words. …… Mah, if I were to speak my mind, I’m truly interested in your Game—- in fact, it’s to the point where my heart quivers with curiosity and I would salivate in anticipation. However, we can’t afford to lose you in this place now, so please leave it to us to handle the rest.”

Izayoi said flatly and he was unusually honest about his words.

After all, if we were to talk about the search for the truth behind the mysterious killer whose identity is unknown to all—Jack the Ripper]’s Game to search for his true identity, Izayoi would never say no to that challenge. In fact, he would be excited and perhaps even to the extent of trying to make an enemy out of Jack if it weren’t for the Alliance forged between their Communities.

But putting aside that curiosity, it would really be a waste to lose Jack.

And that was high praise coming from a self-proclaimed hedonist.

Waiting by the side, Yao also wheeled herself over to coax Jack.

“Jack, it’s just as Izayoi says. If you die now, many children would be sad about your passing. The current you is Jack the clown and not Jack the mass murderer.”

[Jack o’ lantern].

The most welcomed character in the Halloween festival, and the most loved monster by the kids. His fans were not limited to his own Community and even Asuka was one of them.

If he were to die, many kids would cry for his loss.


Lily held Jack’s hand as she coaxed him to return to the room.

Getting coaxed in three different ways by three different individuals, Jack closed his eyes while hanging his head dejectedly.

Then, Jack broke out in a self-mocking laughter.

“…… Hoho. Jack the clown, is it? If that’s the real me, it would be all so good.”


“Izayoi-dono, Kasukabe-chan, and Lily-chan, I’ve killed before. Be it young boys, girls and kids, I’ve killed them all. Not for a greater goal but to sate my own desires for achieving art in murders.”


“The me of those days would take a young child who was screaming for his daddy and mummy and chopping off his arm to form an arch while attaching it to a decapitated head with its expression frozen at its moment of death to form a lantern. The last agonizing screams before their deaths would be my lullaby before my sleep and that is the existence that is the source of the monster named “Jack” before his reincarnation…… Even after knowing all that, would you still call me a clown?”

The trio were stumped for words as the ghastly scene painted by his descriptions made it impossible to find a praise or compliment to overshadow his deeds. However, the Jack that he described was entirely impossible to figure out from his recent actions in the battles that they had.

During the battle against Leticia who demonised in her form to attack [Underwood], Jack had been the first to protect the kids in the airborne castle.

When Sandora had fallen into the hands of Demon Lord of Confusion, Jack’s anger had also been roused in the battle that ensued.

The one who protected and loved the kids and the one who is loved and cared for by the kids, this pumpkin monster had his spiritual source stemming from a mass murderer of children. And that was something even Izayoi did not expect.

Croix pressed his bowler hat as he spoke.

“…… I see. It has been passed down in folklores that the legend of [Jack o’ lantern] is a person who has been through many reincarnations. And among them all is a commonality of “Jack being a villain who is beyond salvation”. After all, it had the same for his second chance. The Jack who cried to plead for a second chance at turning a new leaf for his next life, continued to be tainted with his evil ways in his second life.”

“That’s right. My real identity is “Jack the Ripper” who plunged London into fear. I’m unable to wash off my bloodstained past.” Jack stared at his bandaged hands before covering his face in anguish.

He, who had experienced the warmth of human’s innards, was now leaning on a wall for support as he trembled from his emotional breakdown.

“In his rage of having been lied to by a person like me, Saint Peter then sentenced me to be thrown into a void that left me in a state of neither life nor death. Without light or darkness and it was a void world that served as a prison for me.”


“And within that hell devoid of all things, I was not even allowed to take my own life. I was left there for such a long time that it felt as if I was melding and assimilating with the void zone.  It was then that a young girl appeared to gift me a small flame. That was the young demon who happened……. My master. Willa The Ignis Fatuus, a semi-celestial spirit who fell from candidacy.”[magrefnotes: As from translator HongLian: Due to the distinction mentioned in volume 3 on the difference between “born” and “happened”, we will retain the original word of happened to stick to the idea of the author]

A young girl who manifested from the breath of the Earth to be the embodiment for the demon who holds sway over life and death.

Although her spiritual power may not be of the level similar to Great Sage who Unifies Heaven who was born from the depths of the planet’s abyss, it was an undeniable fact that she was a child created by the planet.

“Begging the young demon who just happened without much understanding of her surroundings, I managed to leave the hell of emptiness to get back to the surface

. By then, the layers of my soul had already been weathered away by my experience in the void zone. And it was then that watching the smile of that innocent baby, Willa…… that I finally understood the enormity of what I had done in the past!!!”

Having spent sufficient time in the void to lose the outer layers of his soul, Jack’s insanity had been stripped with time’s passing. And if we were to convert the time spent into the concept of time in human sense, it would be a period that is close to being an infinite amount of time. Therefore, this led to Jack developing a third person persona that allowed himself to introspect his deeds during and before his imprisonment.

To introspect on the ‘him’ who had the same face as a certain someone. He who was drenched in the showers of blood, taking delight in helping them draw their last breaths and their looks of despair.

However, what awaited the reformed him was a hell that was far worse than the void prison that he had escaped.

It was the conscience that he had gained from the erasure of his insanity that was able to comprehend the enormity of his crimes. He understood that he would never be able to make up for his sins even if he forsook his life.

“When I took on my human form for the battle…… I was shown a dream. A dream of my past self, killing Willa, Aisha and Asuka and playing with their corpses to desecrate them further……!!!”

Perhaps, that dream is a punishment given to him by Saint Peter.

To bring the persona that revelled in its evil insanity to be judged before the kinder self that had awoken from its insanity.

And there couldn’t be anything else that would be able to top that sort of torture to the current Jack.

“My sins are so heavy that it would never be paid in full even if I were to offer my life as the price. So I swore to myself then to become a wandering spirit…… and offer my whole lifespan to pay for my sins. That is the vow I had with Willa when she handed me the pumpkin mask. Putting on the Pumpkin body and throwing on the worn tattered rag, I then gave a smile that would be seen and remembered by thousands as a way to atone for my sins of having caused thousands of regretful screams. And if there are people who would obstruct our way…… I swore to transform my entire existence into a weapon to take down out enemy.”

Jack lifted his head to watch the others as a steely determination backed by an abundance of emotions was reflected in his eyes.

And thus no one coaxed him to rest any further. No, that’s not it. It was the situation that everyone understood that no words would be able to change his mind even if they wanted to get him to rest. For it would not be to no avail to try change the mind of the man who swore to devote his all to protect the smiles of the children.

As a result, Kasukabe Yō had chosen to look down as she found herself at a loss of words to say; Baron Croix chose to press down his bowler hat; and Lily was wagging her two tails while having a pale look on her face.

Only one person…… Sakamaki Izayoi, continued to look at Jack straight in the eye without any expression on his face.


And having heard of Jack’s past, Izayoi moved over to place Jack’s arm over his shoulder while maintaining his straight look.

It was not the case that Izayoi is not an expressive person. But it was impossible to guess at his thoughts from his current expression. Perhaps it is rage? Contempt? Or even other types of emotions? Who knows? However, Izayoi who lent his shoulder to Jack, stood his ground for a moment……and seeming to have remembered something suddenly, Izayoi spoke in a low voice.



“I, respect you.”

—Wha? Jack let out a small surprised gasp.

Jack widened his eyes as he did started to doubt if Izayoi had heard his story correctly.

It was plain to see that Izayoi’s words were really unexpected.


“Don’t get me wrong. If it were the old you from before, I would immediately erase your existence, Jack. Regarding the crimes that you have committed and the punishment you received, I have not a shred of sympathy for that.”

In Izayoi’s eyes, young boys and girls were part of the vulnerable population in a society. They who had not stabilized their concepts of the world, did not deserve to carry the burden of choosing between the good and the bad. There is not a need to use words to chide such an individual who would mercilessly slaughter the hapless children.

Such an individual would only require the punch that would shake the stars to rain down harshly upon their body.

Therefore, the respect that Izayoi referred to would be his appearance while seeking to repent and pay for his sins.

“What we know of as the Human race is actually a breed of creatures that tend to favour themselves in the decision making process. To continue fighting to pay for your sins when it is evidently impossible to clear that debt, is something that isn’t possible for most people. Because in addition to that, your case would be a constant nightmare when you continue to stay in that battle state.”

A determination to continue the battle to protect children and that would mean the same transformation into his murderous appearance for every battle that a strong foe appears. And that would be accompanied by his nightmares.

—-For the same of giving the children a future and a blessed life.

It did not matter that he would have to face his past once more to experience the pains that would have buckled anyone’s knees. It was this sort of determination of facing one’s sins and working to pay the debt that Izayoi refers to as the radiance that caught his eye.

“Jack, I understand your determination. But no one will have an issue with this if you were to leave the rest to me from here on.”

“…… Is that okay?”

“Ahh, but if there’s an opening for you to target that lizard’s head, please do so. After all the opponent is a godly being named “Absolute Evil” and hitting him might just reduce the nightmarish punishment right?”

Izayoi laughed as he cracked the joke in a light-hearted tone.

It was then that Jack’s expression softened as he used the same light-hearted tone to reply.

“Yahoho…… Mhm, sounds good. I also do not want to be shackled down by that old pervert all the time. It would be for the best if I can serve my time completely and break away from any relations with him.”

“…… he’s an old pervert?”

“Mhm. After all, the body that was given to me during my reincarnation…… No, I guess I will just leave it at that.”

Jack’s eyes were distant and it seems like he was remembering some really bad memories.

However, their situation was far from optimistic.

Kasukabe Yō called out to Croix and stretched her right hand to him.

“Everyone’s joining the battle with their various convictions. It’s just not possible for me to be the only one who sits out on the battle.”

“…… you are right about that. We will be needing the power of you and the [Genome Tree] in the upcoming battle.”

And saying so, Croix took out the [Genome Tree] from his right breast pocket to hand it to Yō.

The feeling of the [Genome Tree] in her hands filled her up with the sensation of its spiritual power. Clutching the necklace tightly, Yō then directed the strength to her immobile legs.

Simultaneously as she felt the boost in strength across her entire body, Yō could also tell that there was a familiar warmth in her heart as she used the power.

[magrefnotes: picture of Kasukabe looking at the [Genome Tree].]

“…..is that so. It was dad who repaired the [Genome Tree] right?”

“Eh, that’s……!”

“It’s alright. I understand. After all it is this sort of situation and there should be things that Dad needs to do. So, I’ll have to just concentrate on my part of the fight.”

Yō rested the Genome Tree on her chest.

Knowing that her father was near and fighting for the same goal, just that knowledge was able to give Yō such a happy smile.

And seeing that smile, Baron Croix quietly took a vow.

After the end of this battle…… even if I need to tie a rope around that neck of his, I will also drag that coward of a father to face his daughter.

—End of Chapter 2—

Going back to Chapter 1 after primary edits….

Names and terminologies

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Gift Games

  • <Hunting>
  • <FAIRYTALE of Perseus>
  • <Hippocamp Riders>/ <The horsemen of Hippo camp>
  • <Tain Bo Cuailnge in Ath nGabla>
  • <TaimundusLullus>
  • <Gryphon’s Reins>
  • <KuroUsagi and Izayoi>
  • <Underwood Maze>
  • <Chosen One to Bear the Burden>
  • <Jack the Monster>
  • <<GIFT GAME NAME: “[Underwood] Harvest Festival * Hunting Department”>>


  • [Rank] [number] [Name]
  • [7] [2105380] [No Name] (Rank 6 after Volume 5)
  • [5] [26745] [Perseus] in vol1
  • [4] [3345] [Thousand Eyes]
  • [3] [Evil Aksara]
  • [6] [Six Scars]
  • [5] [One Horn]
  • [5] [Two Wings]
  • [] [Three Tails]
  • [] [Four Footed]
  • [] [Five Claws]
  • [5] [Salamandra]
  • [] [Rattenfanger]
  • [3] [666] [666 Beasts]
  • [] [Piper of Hamelin]
  • [] [Ouroboros Demon Lord alliance]
  • [5] [Grim Grimoire]
  • [6] [Willo-O-Wisp]
  • [] [Avalon]
  • [] [Rlyeh]
  • [4] [6243] [Great Sage who Pacifies Heaven]
  • [4] [Maxwell]
  • [7] [2105380] [Fores Garo]
  • [5] [Draco Greif Alliance]
  • [6] [ Arcadia]
  • [3] Kerykeion/ Caduceus
  • [3] Queen Halloween
  • [] Great Sage who Devastate Seas
  • Last Embryo
  • [Onii Hime ] Alliance


No Name Community

  1. Canaria
  2. Baron La Croix
  3. Lily’s mother
  4. Sun Lion of Suraya
  5. Koumei

Thousand Eyes Community

Perseus Community

Salamandra Community

Willo-O-Wisp Community

Draco Greif Alliance

Ouroboros Alliance

Great Seven Demon Kings

  • “Great Sage Equalling Heaven” ————————– Handsome Monkey God Sun Wu Kong
  • “Great Sage Who Pacifies Heaven”———————– Bull Demon King
  • “Great Sage Who Devastate Seas” ———————- Saurian Demon King. / [KouryuuGreat sage of Maelstroms]
  • “Great Sage Who Leaves Heaven in Disarray” ——– Roc Demon King/ Jia Ling chan
  • All the others are said to be dead. Demon King of Confusion is not part of this group…

Maxwell Community

Evil Aksara Community

  • Azi Dakaha(my guess that it is changed so as to not invoke the true name)


  • Mel—shifted to No Names


  • no known members as of now


  • no known members as of now

Grim Grimoire

  • Strom
  • Weser
  • Ratten
  • Pest
  • StoryTeller

Last Embryo

  • Coppelia


  • Laplace’s demon
  • Felicia Raisa=Faceless=FeiSi LeiSi=The Favored one of Queen Halloween
  • Inari Okami
  • King Enma
  • Shuten-doji
  • Hakatonkheires
  • Baphomet
  • Ayazato Suzuka
  • Saigou Homura
  • Sun God Surya
  • Luna-sama
  • Indra-sama
  • Vayu- Wind Deity of the 12Devas
  • Rock Eater
  • Carla Jijocho [might be shifted to Grim Grimoire soon]
  • Demon Lord Dystopia
  • 人类最终试炼(Last Embryo)
  • Queen Maeve of Connacht
  • Imperial soul of the Uka god [Ukanomitama]: the god of grains, the god of commerce, the god of business venture etc.
  • Shiro Kitsune (the bloodline of Lily’s ancestors)
  • Winds of Decadence/ End Emptiness/ Last Decadence/ Greed Crown/ The Cannibalistic Demon Lord


Mystical beasts/Eudemons/Creatures


  • Peryton
  • Griffin
  • Gryphon
  • Kelpie
  • Longma/ Dragon horses
  • DracoGriff
  • Hanba
  • Lesser Dragons
  • Faerie
  • Dryad/Kodama
  • Kirin/Qilin
  • Unicorn
  • Titan
  • Balor
  • Fomorians
  • Nordic Giants



Name of Places

===(Our World)===
  • Kasukabe Hospital. Room 708
  • CANARIA foster home
  • -Year 194X, 1st August, room 207 of the girl’s dormitory-
  • Iguazu Falls


===箱庭Little GardenCity===
  • Tritonis Waterfall
  • World of Little Garden populated by gods
  • Sanzu River
  • Trāyastriṃśa=仞利天 =Touriten
  • [Moon Shadow City] “月影之都”
  • Ama-no-Iwato=天岩户
  • Outer Gate Number 26745, [Thousand Eyes] Number 88th Territory.
  • —Outer Gate Number 26745, [Perseus] Base


  • ===No Name Community Grounds===
  • [No Name]s Base of operation, Entrance Hall
  • Peribed Avenue, front of the Fountain
  • Workshop Number: 360, Residential Area, Outer Gate Number: 2105380, Little Garden.
  • Little Garden, Outer Gate number 2105380, Peribed Avenue, front of the Fountain Plaza.
  • Little Garden, Outer Gate number: 2105380, Inner Wall
  • Location: [Thousand Eyes], Outer Gate Number 2105380, a branch of the Community’s shops.
  • -Residential Area, Outer Gate Number: 2105380, “No Name” Community. Asuka’s room-
  • -Former old plantation site, Residential Area, Outer Gate Number: 2105380, Little Garden-
  • -[No Name] Museum, Basement level 3.-
  • Residential Area of the [No-Names], near the floodgate.


  • ===Underwood (South Side)===
  • Fir Bolg Hill/Mount
  • Underwood Southeast Plains.
  • Underwood Harvest Festival Main Quarters/HeadQuarters
  • Underwood Underground City Dormitory
  • Underwood Underground City New Domitory
  • Above [Underwood], Ancient Vampire Citadel
  • —[Underwood] Underground City, Spiraling Stairs of the Outer-walls
  • —[Underwood] Harvest Festival Headquarters, VIP room.
  • —[Underwood] Underground City Lowest level, Exhibition Storage Warehouse.
  • —[Underwood] Underground City, In front of the rubble that was the dormitory.
  • —OuterGate number 7759175, [Underwood Great Waterfall], Fir Bolg Hill.
  • —[Underwood Underground Cavern] The underground floodgate of the Great Tree.
  • —Plateau upstream of [Underwood]’s River
  • —[Underwood] Leafy Emerald Green Hall, Large bathhouse.
  • —[Underwood], Downstream from the River, Foot of the Great Tree.
  • —In the skies above [Underwood]. The Ancient vampire Citadel, Throne of the Elliptical Path.
  • —Top of the Great Tree, [Underwood].
  • —South-eastern Plains, [Underwood].
  • —Ancient Vampire Citadel, Elliptical Orbit Throne Room.
  • —[Underwood] Foot of the Mountain, Reception area for the Harvest Festival
  • —[Underwood], Northeastern plateau with a sea of trees that grew wildly on its top, Edge of the Boundary.
  • —- Underground city of [Underwood], Harvest Festival Vendors’ Street.
  • — [Underwood] Harvest Festival, Kitchen VII
  • —[Underwood] Harvest Festival, Plaza at the Lowest level
  • —[Underwood] Ingredient Placement Area, Table Thirteen.
  • —-[Underwood] VIP room, Kasukabe Yō’s bedroom.
  • —[Underwood] Pastures by the river.
  • —[Underwood] VIP room, Gry’s bedroom.
  • —[Underwood] Conference Room, Evergreen Longhouse
  • —[Rider of Hippocamp] Participants waiting area.
  • — [Underwood], a distance away from the flood gates.
  • —[Underwood] Ceremony for [Floor Master]’s assumption to office.
  • —[Underwood]’s Best VIP Guest room.



  • ===Kouen City (North Side)[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames]===
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], North Side’s Workroom District.
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames] The practice area in front of the Palace Third Right Wing.
  • —[Ruby Cave], Underground bathhouse
  • —Processing Workroom District-Number 88th workroom.
  • Little Garden, Outer Gate Number 54545’s Stage Area, The Arena before the [Tablet of the Sea of Stars].
  • 东区和北区的境界壁Eastern District and Northern District Boundary Wall.
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Underground Prison of the [Salamandra] Palace.
  • —[Tablet of the Sea of Stars]. Before the sculpture of the Dragon King of the Sea of Stars
  • —South Entrance of the [Duel of Creators]’s arena.
  • —[Tablet of the Sea of Stars], Corridor of Displays.
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Commercial District of the North Side
  • —[Ruby Cave], Underground Canal.
  • 4000000 Outer Gate-3999999 Outer Gate, Thousand Eyes former branch shop.
  • –North-eastern Boundary Wall, Business area. Corridor with red windows.
  • —Boundary wall, stage area, foot of a hill. Art exhibition venue.
  • —Boundary wall, Observatory, [Thousand Eyes] branch shop.
  • —Boundary wall, stage area. [Birth of the Fire Dragon festival] Operation Headquarters.

Types of power levels

  • Spirit Power Classification(highest to lowest)
  1. Star Class Spirit/ Celestial Spirit[星]
  2. Divinity /Divine Spirit level[神]
  3. God/ Demigod level  [ 修罗]
  • Last Embryo—a whole class of its own, unattainable by accomplishments
  • Species classification(not in order of rank)
  1. Eudemons/ Mystical Beasts- includes many spirits
  2. Beastmen
  3. Demons
  4. Demon Lords
  5. Demon Kings
  6. Demigods
  7. Gods
  8. Taoist gods
  9. Humans
  10. Buddhas
  11. Juniten
  12. Druids
  • note that god can be a race, and a rank level


  • 名 = Name
  • 旗印 = Emblem/Symbol/Banner
  • 恩恵 = Gift
  • 主催者 = Host
  • 主催者権限 = Host Master/Authority of the Host Master
  • 苍炎 Azure flames
  • ♪ ♫ ♯ Musical notes
  • 階層支配者 = Floor Master
  • 審判権限 = Judge Master
  • 魔王 = Demon Lord
  • 境界門 = Astral Gate
  • 第三宇宙速 = Third Cosmic Velocity
  • 箱庭の騎士 = Knight of Little Garden
  • 箱庭の貴族 = Highborn of Little Garden/ Aristocrat of Little Garden
  • Adamantium—mined in No Name lands
  • Dragon Lord of the Stars and Seas’ heritage———the False Star Creation Chart
  • Aether
  • 星之恩惠=Terramaterial
  • Orichalcum
  • Perpetual motion Machine
  • <Book of Songs>
  • <Classic of Mountains and Seas>
  • 『史诗.摩诃婆罗多的纸片』[History of Poetry· Mahabharata’s paper]
  • <History of Poetry Ramayana>《史诗.罗摩衍耶》
  • [Trial jurisdiction]审判权限
  • [The Pied Piper of Hamelin]
  • [Little Garden Aristocrat]
  • <The Book of Invasions>
  • [Erin Grimoire]
  • 游戏盘面- Game board
  • 『给予方』[Giver]
  • <参谋> strategist/advisor
  • 全能的反论(Omnipotent Paradox)
  • 历史转换期(Paradigm Shift)
  • 宇宙观(Cosmology)
  • 不共戴天(世界之敌): I will not tolerate living under the same sky as others(The enemy of the world)
  • Geass Roll
  • The Cattle Raid of Cooley
  • < Táin Bó>
  • harisen-the paper fan that is used by kurousagi
  • Strategist [Game Controller]
  • 模拟创世图 Another Cosmology
  • [Ecliptic path of the Twelve Chén] 赤道十二辰 Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai.
  • [Ecliptic path of the Twelve Zodiacs] Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
  • 大鹏金翅鸟 Vinama Garda/ Garuda

Sound effects

  • 「GEYAAAAaaaa!!!」
  • 「DEEEEeeeEEEEN!!!」
  • 「UOOOOOOOOOooooooooo—!!!」
  • 嘎咻*Zugashu!*
  • 哔嘶 Bishi
  • 轰轰轰轰轰轰轰轰!!!


Yō’s equipment types

  • ‘Fire Rat’ leather lamellar armor
  • Pegasus sparkling whirlwinds and armour/ scaled boots


Goats can leap, buck, skip, walk, run, gallop, and trot.


祈愿为“一心向恶” swore to be “bent on committing evil deeds”,

“不共戴天””will not live under the same sky with one’s enemy”.

嗤之以鼻 snorted

返祖 Atavistic phenomenon


‘Highborn of Little Garden [Deko]’




Favourite parts of the story:



  • VOLUME2 [I really wonder if anyone remembered this part… a promise so strong with someone that it cannot be stolen…lols smells like youth]:

Just when Asuka was going to get conquered by this intoxicating and sweet dreams—She recalled a promise:

“Someday — We will hold our own Halloween—!”

(………Yes, for now I will reserve my [Trick or Treat!] until that time comes.)

Asuka made that promise deep in her heart, and then suddenly waking up from the intoxication. She soon realised that the recital has already ended.

  • Volume3[Canaria]

“Oh. Nn. That sort of level isn’t a problem. But the Piano wires were really very dangerous for anyone else so I got rid of it.”

And the piano wires landed beside Izayoi’s leg, having been thrown from the shadows.

  • Volume4

“Izayoi-san and the others are still fighting. The reason for the huge Dragon starting to rampage again is definitely due to that. So how can you expect me to flee?! You aren’t the only one whom I’ve promised to protect [Underwood]!”—awws another promise? Asuka really promises too many stuff…

To open the path in the world with one’s own legs; cradling the spirals in her hands, starting from the beginning of life to the end of the world, all the various DNAs of the millions of life forms. To count on the stars that shone the brightest in the millions of encounters. A Single Life Form. A High-level life form. A Third generational Eudemon— One that ruled over all the other races from ancient times till now, to utilise all the strands that exceeded Thirty-two thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight to  form a single existence in the fastest time possible, becoming the greatest collector of all life itself—! (Yō’s heroic scene O.o and I’m pretty impressed by my translation in this part too XD I hate walls of text to translate but its perserverance.)

  • Volume5[By Percher]

“…Though it is spotted, you needn’t worry about getting Black Death~”

  • Volume6[By Yo, coming soon]



  • Volume7

[Asuka’s Divine empowerment incantation]

‘Float like the Clouds, Shower like a hailstorm, and Rampage wildly like a bolt of thunder—

O’Mountain Goat who runs in the skies, I beseech thee to transform into a formless fortress to mete justice upon thy enemies.’

—Go, Almathea!

[Declaration of Demon Lord Branding]

“The ‘Great Me’ will always follow the path of Evil! Demon Lords are the opposing existences of Law and Order. We are the scourge born to the world! Hence those who are born Saints or Demon Lords are different from those rogues of Kouryuu and the other small fries! It is to ensure the progress of the world in the correct direction that the absolute evil is needed to balance the scales in the world! The ‘Great Me’ takes pride in this character of “混”! Being a member of the ones who carry the burden as the scourge of the world, I refuse to see living my life by my motto as anything disgraceful!!”







Other notes:

According to recorded history, in the period of Zaibatsu(financial conglomerate) dissolution, there were only four major zaibatsu of Imperial Japan. Whereas, Asuka seemed to have told him—‘I’m from the fifth biggest financial conglomerate in Japan

Breads and pastries… no relation to Bakatsuki

First loaf:Walnut,coffee, black seasame, wholemeal, cranberry

So bored…. I can sell this boredom…since I usually bake when I’m bored….

My very first loaf of wholemeal walnut and cranberry loaf was a brick like that…. Didn’t read the instructions properly and forgot about the second rise of the dough…

Hence I created the killer brick weapon: THE LOAF.


The Breakfast






Well, nothing much to say about the pastry other than the fact that I’m real thankful that there’s Borg’s pastry packs sold in NTUC Finest… super simple to create croissants and cherry pastries in the mornings for my parents and myself. Hmmm not paid for advertising it but oh well, it really is easy to use.

The loaf perfected!

Well, and the main character for this page: The loaf perfected! Yea, just wanted to show the end results of  my baking…. have been trying a long time to bake a soft bread but somehow they have always turned up as—grenades, Geodes, mini torpedoes…and this one was by accident…. I have totally no idea how it worked out but oh well, I guess all that matters is that it did work out… XD

I was sure that I put wrong amounts of ingredients when kneading…. it was so messy when I kneaded with my hands that I thought it would be bound to fail again…