Magref is a translator who translates during his free time (had lots of free time) during his NEET portion of his life, which was just out from army and waiting for school to start. He will continue to translate all the volumes that he has promised to translate—Volume  8, maybe even 9(Big maybe).

He had helped with these volumes: 1,3,4,5,6,7 of Mondaiji Tachi from Ch to Eng.

He loves manga, anime, playing useless games and pokemon(may also be classified into his useless games but he just didn’t want to do that for he loves it too much)…

He is also into Crystals, stones, Aura readings, Astrology, Tarot cards, Celtic/Pagan/Wicca stuff…… Not a chuunibyou! But more of a Jack of all Trades, Master of none. Currently using placing most of his time into reading Psychology related books.

He prefers to waste most of his time on pokemon, baking, cooking, running and sleeping and all those contributes to the ‘slowness’ you find in his translation speed. He basically works on bursts of what he calls ‘translation mood’ which he rarely gets but works like a dog when he does get into it.

And anyways, enough said about Magref. For Magref isn’t the main point of the blog. Characters like Percher, Izayoi, Asuka, Kasukabe Yo should not have their spotlight stolen by such a lowly individual….(Hmmm? Why Percher is first? Answer should be as clear as day right??? Magref will always be using the name of Percher and leaving it to the editors to rectify to whichever name they prefer.)



TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (now in first person)

Planning to do edits for all the currently done volumes

and side story. most likely in 2 weeks… not a short side story T.T

lols great… i found that i lost the password for animesuki as well.

But I can still read the comments. :p

I will try my best but it will not be easy without the book. Feels like a broken recorder but yeah, I will say it again. I translated those volumes so far because I have 2 sources of ch versions to do a cross reference. In some cases, I’ve found paragraphs missing in the book while it is there in the fan translated ch website. And it is clearly the fault of the publisher…-.- even at times, the mistakes are just too similar to that of the online version(don’t really know what that means but not going to point fingers).

On the other hand, sometimes, the book is able to describe things clearer + I can bring it around on my hour long train rides to school to do some simple draft translations in my mind before getting back to type it out.

I do not own these copies of the book—8, 9, 10, 11.  I also do not have time to do a book hunt in Singapore’s bookstores for the chinese versions of the novel. And if someone volunteers to pick this project up, I’m fine with it. As long as they do not touch what I’ve claimed—-the side stories for now.

Any comments or queries, you may feel free to post them here: https://bakamagref.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/tentative-schedule/


Currently working on this page:  https://bakamagref.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/volume8sidestories/

Will be a slow process probably will be better at Dec. All the project datelines are in nov… XD



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Whitejaws January 24, 2016 / 10:44 am

    Hey? Is that a irregular at magic high school? in the picture?

    • magref January 26, 2016 / 1:40 pm

      Yes, they are. 3 of them. What sharp eyes you have 😀

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