Names and terminologies

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Gift Games

  • <Hunting>
  • <FAIRYTALE of Perseus>
  • <Hippocamp Riders>/ <The horsemen of Hippo camp>
  • <Tain Bo Cuailnge in Ath nGabla>
  • <TaimundusLullus>
  • <Gryphon’s Reins>
  • <KuroUsagi and Izayoi>
  • <Underwood Maze>
  • <Chosen One to Bear the Burden>
  • <Jack the Monster>
  • <<GIFT GAME NAME: “[Underwood] Harvest Festival * Hunting Department”>>


  • [Rank] [number] [Name]
  • [7] [2105380] [No Name] (Rank 6 after Volume 5)
  • [5] [26745] [Perseus] in vol1
  • [4] [3345] [Thousand Eyes]
  • [3] [Evil Aksara]
  • [6] [Six Scars]
  • [5] [One Horn]
  • [5] [Two Wings]
  • [] [Three Tails]
  • [] [Four Footed]
  • [] [Five Claws]
  • [5] [Salamandra]
  • [] [Rattenfanger]
  • [3] [666] [666 Beasts]
  • [] [Piper of Hamelin]
  • [] [Ouroboros Demon Lord alliance]
  • [5] [Grim Grimoire]
  • [6] [Willo-O-Wisp]
  • [] [Avalon]
  • [] [Rlyeh]
  • [4] [6243] [Great Sage who Pacifies Heaven]
  • [4] [Maxwell]
  • [7] [2105380] [Fores Garo]
  • [5] [Draco Greif Alliance]
  • [6] [ Arcadia]
  • [3] Kerykeion/ Caduceus
  • [3] Queen Halloween
  • [] Great Sage who Devastate Seas
  • Last Embryo
  • [Onii Hime ] Alliance


No Name Community

  1. Canaria
  2. Baron La Croix
  3. Lily’s mother
  4. Sun Lion of Suraya
  5. Koumei

Thousand Eyes Community

Perseus Community

Salamandra Community

Willo-O-Wisp Community

Draco Greif Alliance

Ouroboros Alliance

Great Seven Demon Kings

  • “Great Sage Equalling Heaven” ————————– Handsome Monkey God Sun Wu Kong
  • “Great Sage Who Pacifies Heaven”———————– Bull Demon King
  • “Great Sage Who Devastate Seas” ———————- Saurian Demon King. / [KouryuuGreat sage of Maelstroms]
  • “Great Sage Who Leaves Heaven in Disarray” ——– Roc Demon King/ Jia Ling chan
  • All the others are said to be dead. Demon King of Confusion is not part of this group…

Maxwell Community

Evil Aksara Community

  • Azi Dakaha(my guess that it is changed so as to not invoke the true name)


  • Mel—shifted to No Names


  • no known members as of now


  • no known members as of now

Grim Grimoire

  • Strom
  • Weser
  • Ratten
  • Pest
  • StoryTeller

Last Embryo

  • Coppelia


  • Laplace’s demon
  • Felicia Raisa=Faceless=FeiSi LeiSi=The Favored one of Queen Halloween
  • Inari Okami
  • King Enma
  • Shuten-doji
  • Hakatonkheires
  • Baphomet
  • Ayazato Suzuka
  • Saigou Homura
  • Sun God Surya
  • Luna-sama
  • Indra-sama
  • Vayu- Wind Deity of the 12Devas
  • Rock Eater
  • Carla Jijocho [might be shifted to Grim Grimoire soon]
  • Demon Lord Dystopia
  • 人类最终试炼(Last Embryo)
  • Queen Maeve of Connacht
  • Imperial soul of the Uka god [Ukanomitama]: the god of grains, the god of commerce, the god of business venture etc.
  • Shiro Kitsune (the bloodline of Lily’s ancestors)
  • Winds of Decadence/ End Emptiness/ Last Decadence/ Greed Crown/ The Cannibalistic Demon Lord


Mystical beasts/Eudemons/Creatures


  • Peryton
  • Griffin
  • Gryphon
  • Kelpie
  • Longma/ Dragon horses
  • DracoGriff
  • Hanba
  • Lesser Dragons
  • Faerie
  • Dryad/Kodama
  • Kirin/Qilin
  • Unicorn
  • Titan
  • Balor
  • Fomorians
  • Nordic Giants



Name of Places

===(Our World)===
  • Kasukabe Hospital. Room 708
  • CANARIA foster home
  • -Year 194X, 1st August, room 207 of the girl’s dormitory-
  • Iguazu Falls


===箱庭Little GardenCity===
  • Tritonis Waterfall
  • World of Little Garden populated by gods
  • Sanzu River
  • Trāyastriṃśa=仞利天 =Touriten
  • [Moon Shadow City] “月影之都”
  • Ama-no-Iwato=天岩户
  • Outer Gate Number 26745, [Thousand Eyes] Number 88th Territory.
  • —Outer Gate Number 26745, [Perseus] Base


  • ===No Name Community Grounds===
  • [No Name]s Base of operation, Entrance Hall
  • Peribed Avenue, front of the Fountain
  • Workshop Number: 360, Residential Area, Outer Gate Number: 2105380, Little Garden.
  • Little Garden, Outer Gate number 2105380, Peribed Avenue, front of the Fountain Plaza.
  • Little Garden, Outer Gate number: 2105380, Inner Wall
  • Location: [Thousand Eyes], Outer Gate Number 2105380, a branch of the Community’s shops.
  • -Residential Area, Outer Gate Number: 2105380, “No Name” Community. Asuka’s room-
  • -Former old plantation site, Residential Area, Outer Gate Number: 2105380, Little Garden-
  • -[No Name] Museum, Basement level 3.-
  • Residential Area of the [No-Names], near the floodgate.


  • ===Underwood (South Side)===
  • Fir Bolg Hill/Mount
  • Underwood Southeast Plains.
  • Underwood Harvest Festival Main Quarters/HeadQuarters
  • Underwood Underground City Dormitory
  • Underwood Underground City New Domitory
  • Above [Underwood], Ancient Vampire Citadel
  • —[Underwood] Underground City, Spiraling Stairs of the Outer-walls
  • —[Underwood] Harvest Festival Headquarters, VIP room.
  • —[Underwood] Underground City Lowest level, Exhibition Storage Warehouse.
  • —[Underwood] Underground City, In front of the rubble that was the dormitory.
  • —OuterGate number 7759175, [Underwood Great Waterfall], Fir Bolg Hill.
  • —[Underwood Underground Cavern] The underground floodgate of the Great Tree.
  • —Plateau upstream of [Underwood]’s River
  • —[Underwood] Leafy Emerald Green Hall, Large bathhouse.
  • —[Underwood], Downstream from the River, Foot of the Great Tree.
  • —In the skies above [Underwood]. The Ancient vampire Citadel, Throne of the Elliptical Path.
  • —Top of the Great Tree, [Underwood].
  • —South-eastern Plains, [Underwood].
  • —Ancient Vampire Citadel, Elliptical Orbit Throne Room.
  • —[Underwood] Foot of the Mountain, Reception area for the Harvest Festival
  • —[Underwood], Northeastern plateau with a sea of trees that grew wildly on its top, Edge of the Boundary.
  • —- Underground city of [Underwood], Harvest Festival Vendors’ Street.
  • — [Underwood] Harvest Festival, Kitchen VII
  • —[Underwood] Harvest Festival, Plaza at the Lowest level
  • —[Underwood] Ingredient Placement Area, Table Thirteen.
  • —-[Underwood] VIP room, Kasukabe Yō’s bedroom.
  • —[Underwood] Pastures by the river.
  • —[Underwood] VIP room, Gry’s bedroom.
  • —[Underwood] Conference Room, Evergreen Longhouse
  • —[Rider of Hippocamp] Participants waiting area.
  • — [Underwood], a distance away from the flood gates.
  • —[Underwood] Ceremony for [Floor Master]’s assumption to office.
  • —[Underwood]’s Best VIP Guest room.



  • ===Kouen City (North Side)[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames]===
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], North Side’s Workroom District.
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames] The practice area in front of the Palace Third Right Wing.
  • —[Ruby Cave], Underground bathhouse
  • —Processing Workroom District-Number 88th workroom.
  • Little Garden, Outer Gate Number 54545’s Stage Area, The Arena before the [Tablet of the Sea of Stars].
  • 东区和北区的境界壁Eastern District and Northern District Boundary Wall.
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Underground Prison of the [Salamandra] Palace.
  • —[Tablet of the Sea of Stars]. Before the sculpture of the Dragon King of the Sea of Stars
  • —South Entrance of the [Duel of Creators]’s arena.
  • —[Tablet of the Sea of Stars], Corridor of Displays.
  • —[Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], Commercial District of the North Side
  • —[Ruby Cave], Underground Canal.
  • 4000000 Outer Gate-3999999 Outer Gate, Thousand Eyes former branch shop.
  • –North-eastern Boundary Wall, Business area. Corridor with red windows.
  • —Boundary wall, stage area, foot of a hill. Art exhibition venue.
  • —Boundary wall, Observatory, [Thousand Eyes] branch shop.
  • —Boundary wall, stage area. [Birth of the Fire Dragon festival] Operation Headquarters.

Types of power levels

  • Spirit Power Classification(highest to lowest)
  1. Star Class Spirit/ Celestial Spirit[星]
  2. Divinity /Divine Spirit level[神]
  3. God/ Demigod level  [ 修罗]
  • Last Embryo—a whole class of its own, unattainable by accomplishments
  • Species classification(not in order of rank)
  1. Eudemons/ Mystical Beasts- includes many spirits
  2. Beastmen
  3. Demons
  4. Demon Lords
  5. Demon Kings
  6. Demigods
  7. Gods
  8. Taoist gods
  9. Humans
  10. Buddhas
  11. Juniten
  12. Druids
  • note that god can be a race, and a rank level


  • 名 = Name
  • 旗印 = Emblem/Symbol/Banner
  • 恩恵 = Gift
  • 主催者 = Host
  • 主催者権限 = Host Master/Authority of the Host Master
  • 苍炎 Azure flames
  • ♪ ♫ ♯ Musical notes
  • 階層支配者 = Floor Master
  • 審判権限 = Judge Master
  • 魔王 = Demon Lord
  • 境界門 = Astral Gate
  • 第三宇宙速 = Third Cosmic Velocity
  • 箱庭の騎士 = Knight of Little Garden
  • 箱庭の貴族 = Highborn of Little Garden/ Aristocrat of Little Garden
  • Adamantium—mined in No Name lands
  • Dragon Lord of the Stars and Seas’ heritage———the False Star Creation Chart
  • Aether
  • 星之恩惠=Terramaterial
  • Orichalcum
  • Perpetual motion Machine
  • <Book of Songs>
  • <Classic of Mountains and Seas>
  • 『史诗.摩诃婆罗多的纸片』[History of Poetry· Mahabharata’s paper]
  • <History of Poetry Ramayana>《史诗.罗摩衍耶》
  • [Trial jurisdiction]审判权限
  • [The Pied Piper of Hamelin]
  • [Little Garden Aristocrat]
  • <The Book of Invasions>
  • [Erin Grimoire]
  • 游戏盘面- Game board
  • 『给予方』[Giver]
  • <参谋> strategist/advisor
  • 全能的反论(Omnipotent Paradox)
  • 历史转换期(Paradigm Shift)
  • 宇宙观(Cosmology)
  • 不共戴天(世界之敌): I will not tolerate living under the same sky as others(The enemy of the world)
  • Geass Roll
  • The Cattle Raid of Cooley
  • < Táin Bó>
  • harisen-the paper fan that is used by kurousagi
  • Strategist [Game Controller]
  • 模拟创世图 Another Cosmology
  • [Ecliptic path of the Twelve Chén] 赤道十二辰 Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai.
  • [Ecliptic path of the Twelve Zodiacs] Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
  • 大鹏金翅鸟 Vinama Garda/ Garuda

Sound effects

  • 「GEYAAAAaaaa!!!」
  • 「DEEEEeeeEEEEN!!!」
  • 「UOOOOOOOOOooooooooo—!!!」
  • 嘎咻*Zugashu!*
  • 哔嘶 Bishi
  • 轰轰轰轰轰轰轰轰!!!


Yō’s equipment types

  • ‘Fire Rat’ leather lamellar armor
  • Pegasus sparkling whirlwinds and armour/ scaled boots

Goats can leap, buck, skip, walk, run, gallop, and trot.


祈愿为“一心向恶” swore to be “bent on committing evil deeds”,

“不共戴天””will not live under the same sky with one’s enemy”.

嗤之以鼻 snorted

返祖 Atavistic phenomenon


‘Highborn of Little Garden [Deko]’




Favourite parts of the story:



  • VOLUME2 [I really wonder if anyone remembered this part… a promise so strong with someone that it cannot be stolen…lols smells like youth]:

Just when Asuka was going to get conquered by this intoxicating and sweet dreams—She recalled a promise:

“Someday — We will hold our own Halloween—!”

(………Yes, for now I will reserve my [Trick or Treat!] until that time comes.)

Asuka made that promise deep in her heart, and then suddenly waking up from the intoxication. She soon realised that the recital has already ended.

  • Volume3[Canaria]

“Oh. Nn. That sort of level isn’t a problem. But the Piano wires were really very dangerous for anyone else so I got rid of it.”

And the piano wires landed beside Izayoi’s leg, having been thrown from the shadows.

  • Volume4

“Izayoi-san and the others are still fighting. The reason for the huge Dragon starting to rampage again is definitely due to that. So how can you expect me to flee?! You aren’t the only one whom I’ve promised to protect [Underwood]!”—awws another promise? Asuka really promises too many stuff…

To open the path in the world with one’s own legs; cradling the spirals in her hands, starting from the beginning of life to the end of the world, all the various DNAs of the millions of life forms. To count on the stars that shone the brightest in the millions of encounters. A Single Life Form. A High-level life form. A Third generational Eudemon— One that ruled over all the other races from ancient times till now, to utilise all the strands that exceeded Thirty-two thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight to  form a single existence in the fastest time possible, becoming the greatest collector of all life itself—! (Yō’s heroic scene O.o and I’m pretty impressed by my translation in this part too XD I hate walls of text to translate but its perserverance.)

  • Volume5[By Percher]

“…Though it is spotted, you needn’t worry about getting Black Death~”

  • Volume6[By Yo, coming soon]



  • Volume7

[Asuka’s Divine empowerment incantation]

‘Float like the Clouds, Shower like a hailstorm, and Rampage wildly like a bolt of thunder—

O’Mountain Goat who runs in the skies, I beseech thee to transform into a formless fortress to mete justice upon thy enemies.’

—Go, Almathea!

[Declaration of Demon Lord Branding]

“The ‘Great Me’ will always follow the path of Evil! Demon Lords are the opposing existences of Law and Order. We are the scourge born to the world! Hence those who are born Saints or Demon Lords are different from those rogues of Kouryuu and the other small fries! It is to ensure the progress of the world in the correct direction that the absolute evil is needed to balance the scales in the world! The ‘Great Me’ takes pride in this character of “混”! Being a member of the ones who carry the burden as the scourge of the world, I refuse to see living my life by my motto as anything disgraceful!!”







Other notes:

According to recorded history, in the period of Zaibatsu(financial conglomerate) dissolution, there were only four major zaibatsu of Imperial Japan. Whereas, Asuka seemed to have told him—‘I’m from the fifth biggest financial conglomerate in Japan


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